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xoxliz1234 posted on Mar 29, 2010 at 04:54PM
Ok I just finished reading Percy Jackson last Thursday, and I'm bored, so I made this survey!
Here are the questions! (My answers are next to them in parentheses)
1. Who is your favorite female character? (ANNABETH!!!)
2. Favorite male besides Percy? (Tyson)
3. Favorite god? (Apollo)
4. Favorite goddess? (Aphrodite)
5. Favorite book? ( mine are the fourth and fifth)
6. Percy+Annabeth or Percy+Rachel or Percy+Other (state please) (Percy and Annabeth ALL THE WAY!
7. Do you think they should make another book, or at least release what happened to everyone in the future? (yes)
8. Which god or goddess would you want as your parent? (Athena, Apollo or Aphrodite)
9. Did you forgive Luke in the end, or do you still dislike him? (mixed feelings)
10. Were you happy with the last book? Why or why not? (mixed feelings... i wanted more information, but I thought the book as a whole was very good!
11. What did you think of the movie if you saw it? ( It was good, but there were tons of little things that bothered me about it... Annabeth's brown hair, the leaving out of Kronos, the fact that they looked 16, the way Annabeth like flirted with Percy... etc.

Ok, one more request. If you know of any interviews or information regarding a second camp half blood series, or what happens to the characters in the future, or a second movie, please share!

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