Percy Jackson & The Olympians বই im a demigod here's my story part 1

annabeth719 posted on Jul 30, 2010 at 03:22AM
I made a bad choies to join the kronos army.You know wen you are like me your dad or mom leavs you sence there gods or goddesses right...right.Well my dad left me and i left home because i was sad lonely and selfish.Im 12 years old ,long black hair and harsh with words.It was raining hard and it was dark i was by the dok wen i heard sounds coming by the ally,someone with a hard voice and a sound i never heard.Looking around to hide would be a problem, there was no place to hide.I had about 20 seconds.Something i whant to tell you i did a stupid thing... i screamed and fell to the floor(no worry i pretended to).Next thing i know was a big guy running to me,it was strange he had gold eyes.As he ran to me i cried out in pain,i saw something not someone but it didnt look't like something you know.The big guy carrid me and said "what's your name?".I felt like fainting ofcorse i did,next thing i knew i was carrid by a lobster(don't tell me ).
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sorry for all the missed spelled words.
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ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, well ok