Percy Jackson & The Olympians বই Annabeth And her Adventures

Lightning98 posted on Dec 12, 2010 at 03:42AM
This is a story of Annabeth and her Adventures... yah.

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"Come on!" Luke yelled, "We have to go!"
"I can't!" I cried, "I am to tired."
"Annabeth, we have to," Grover called back, "or else we will be eaten up by monsters and I personaly-"
"Grover!", Thalia called, "shut up!"
"I am only telling the truth!"
"Fine, but could we take a rest later?" I asked.
"Yes sweety ", Luke said, "once we get to Brooklyn."
"Do you promise"
"Sware on the River Styx."
"We coud talk about this later now lets keep running!" Thalia called from the back

We had to keep running... we have been running for about a week straight. Right now we where in the middle of Manhattan in Times Square, the lights shining down on us with all of these crazy hobos trying to get money. Grovers up in front belting and screaming at the same time. People where not even looking at us, I geuss people in New York are to used to this kinda stuff. Finaly we got to the bus station but we had no money so Thalia had to do that weird *Snap-finger* We-have -already-paid...-you-look-nice-today-what­­-ar­­e-­y­o­u-­­doi­­ng­-­w­it­­h-y­­ou­r­-­ha­­ir.­­.. We hopped on the bus, none of us even talked, we where all to scared. Once we got there we went in to one of the local bathrooms to get changed. Luke gave me one of his t-shirts because I had nothing to change into. Then we all went outside and across the street was an old mansion that was once white but so old it started to turn a light shade of brown. The windows where boarded up and the door was beaten down. Luke walked up the porch and called threw the door way,
"Hello," Luke called, "is anybody in there."
No answer.
"Ok," Thalia said, "looks like we are going in there to sleep, hope you guys like haunted houses."
"I don't," Grover said.
"Well, you are just going to have to live with it."

We walked in to a huge hallway. Along the walls where 7 doors, the first one that we walked into was the kitchen, the next was the master bedroom, we all agreed that me and Thalia should sleep in there. Once we all got seteled in Luke came in to say good night, he gave me a kiss on the forhead and I nearly fainted. He asked Thalia to go somewhere with him.

"Ok," Thalia said, she had a worried look in her eyes, "Annabeth, I will be right back."

20 minutes passed and I started too get worried, so I walked to the door and called their names.

"We are in here Annabeth," called Luke.

I walked over to the next door and in side was a huge hallway with about 20 different doors. I herd Lukes’ voice again then I heard a scream. I ran into the room I thought I heard the scream come from but once I got in their all I saw where bones. Some where human, some where dog, and their where many other kinds that I did not want to get in to.

“THALIA…LUKE… are you their.”

Their was no answer but then I heard a growl and it was right behind me.

“Please tell me that’s you Luke…”

I turned around and found my self, face to stomach with a Cyclops.

“Hello sweaty,” the Cyclops said in Lukes voice,” I am so glad you could make it.”
“You are not Luke, where is he.”
That’s when I took out my dagger that Luke gave me before we went on this adventure. He took a step closer to me and I ran. It was like a maze with corridors and hallways. I started to cry but then I found a room with a curled up goat boy in bed.

“Bleh-ha-ba… oh um hi Annabeth what’s wrong?”
“Cyclops! There is a Cyclops in the house and he has Thalia and Luke!”
“WHAT! Oh no, this is not good do you know where they are?”
“Ok then we will have to find them.”

We search for what seemed like hours but then we finaly entered a big room with bones all over, statues of petrified people along the walls. In the middle was a big pot …you know the ones that you see in witch movies… well one of those was there and geuss what was hanging over it… just keep guessing… do you have your answer… well if you said Thalia you where correct.

“Thalia, are you ok!?” Grover asked.
“NO, get me out of this freaking thing!”

Then I heard a cry coming from the corner. I truned around and found Luke their with no shirt on and a scar along his arm. His mouth was covered so I could not under stand what he was trying to tell me. I started to un-tie him while Grover was doing the same for Thalia. Once we where all on our feet we heard the same growl.

“Well welcome to my home, I hope you are hungry because I am preparing a feast.”

Luke advanced on him drawing his knife. I was right behind him with my knife drawn, too. Luke slashed him in the stomach and while the monster was doubled over in pain a stabbed him in the foot. As we where doing this Grover was helping Thalia get out of the room because she could not fight with the twisted knee. The monster scrached Luke in the stomach and when Luke had to stop for a second the monster grabbed at me. He was holding on to me as if I where a little Barbie doll.

“Let me go!”
“Aren’t you a little loud one… well this just gives me moe the reason to eat you.”
“Let her go!” Luke cried.
“Oh, I’m sorry is this your little friend?”
“Just let her go.”
Luke slashed his knife at him and gave him a good gash in the leg. The monster dropped me and almost crushed me with his giant foot. Suddenly he stopped in his trackes and he collapsed. What we saw behind him was Thalia with a bloody sword in her right hand, he shield in her left.

“We have to go now.”

Thalia gave me her extra shirt so I could give Luke his shirt so he would not have to be running around town fighting monsters shirtless.
I was crying and Luke had to carry me. We got to the closest park and set up camp… we where safe for the night
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That was a really good sort story. I liked how you used all the imformation that Annabeth talked about(I forgot which book it is when she tells percy what happened with thalia and luke.