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Okay, so I wrote this for a while ago. So I decided I should put it here to. I hope আপনি like it.

Annabeth's POV

I smiled,as Percy's arm wrapped around my waist carefully. He hasn't had a real girlfriend before so he doesn't know that it's okay if he puts his arm on my waist. He has been so shy about almost everything.

We have the same homeroom so we walked together everyday.

"How did আপনি sleep?" I asked him, feeling awkward that we were just walking in silence.

"Good, I dreamed that I was playing basket ball and আপনি were a-!"

"I know where this is going,Seaweed Brain. No,for the thousandth...
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Read the parts before this, first for a cool chase scene.

I flew down to the roof where Percy and Annabeth landed. i jammed my sword into the lock, the door popped open. My sword went up my sleeve and I ran in, and down flights of stairs. I opened a door and I was in the শীর্ষ floor of a large mall. People swarmed around stoor windows and elevator doors. Children ran around their mothers. Security guards on segways raced by. Old people in auto-wheel chairs lumbered দ্বারা as well. A punk girl walked দ্বারা with a Kingdom Hearts t-shirt on. Thats my পছন্দ game ever. She glanced at me and gasped, she...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
Read the first ten of these অথবা আপনি won't understand it and send me a lot of questioning comments. When I woke up again the পরবর্তি morning Annabeth was in my arms again on the fluffy couch. How do I keep moving while I'm sleeping? It was sunny as usual very cool inside but I knew the সেকেন্ড I stepped outside I'd be drenched in sweat. It reminded me of Mt. Whitney. I smelled বেকন and প্যানকেকস cooking, and I was starved. "Morning Percy." I heard Mochael's voice in my head. I sent him a thought of a smiley face and I heard a laugh fromthe রান্নাঘর behind me. I knew I had to get that খাবার while it...
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