Ferb thought for a while and finally he got it "Candace."
He went to Candace's room and knocked on the door.She opened the door and said"What do আপনি want?" "Candace, Phineas and Isabella are in our room making out." Ferb said."They are?Well mom isn't প্রথমপাতা guess we"ll have to bust them our selves." He followed her to his room.She opened the door and gasped.She saw Phineas on শীর্ষ of Isabella making out in his bed. Isabella only had on her স্কার্ট and underwear.Phineas only had on his শার্ট and pants.
They stopped স্নেহ চুম্বন and looked up rather embarrassed and they sat up on his bed.Isabella realized Ferb was there and looked downed, she covered her bra and took up her শীর্ষ and shoes and ran in the bathroom.Phineas quickly took his shoes and followed and he shut the door. Inside the bathroom...
"How did Candace know about this?"asked Isabella "I guess Ferb told her.What a mouth on that guy." ব্যক্ত Phineas.Isabella put on her শীর্ষ and her shoes while Phineas put on his shoes."We're gonna have to go back in there but your coming with me."said Isabella."Okay and Isabella I'm sorry about all this." ব্যক্ত Phineas."It's alright."she ব্যক্ত softly.He pressed her up against the sink and leaned in to চুম্বন her. "How can আপনি চুম্বন me at a time like this?!" she ব্যক্ত pushing him away.He felt ashamed of him self and his cheeks got red."Phineas, আপনি know I প্রণয় you.There's no need to ashamed of yourself.Maybe just a little smooch on my nose." she ব্যক্ত comforting him and with that he gave her a soft চুম্বন on the nose.They braced themselves to come out the bathroom and face what punishment they would get for being in বিছানা together at 16.