Picks No one is trying to murder you. As it turns out, আপনি chained yourself to the বিছানা after a hard night of drinking. How do আপনি get the cuffs off?

Pick one:
Cut off my hand
Wait until the keys (that I swallowed for some reason) pass through me
Call a locksmith
To save on a trip to the ER, I think I'll cut the cuffs off and not my hand
Why would I want the cuffs off? This party is just getting started...
Added by DrDevience
I don't. Instead I disassemble the বিছানা to get the cuffs free.
Added by harold
A Magician Never Gives Away His Secrets...
open the cuffs with a key
open the cuffs with a key
Added by fefe2002
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 chel1395 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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