Picks আপনি are back in the woods and suddenly a genie appears and grants আপনি one wish. Without wondering why আপনি don't get three wishes, what do আপনি ask for?

Pick one:
A billion dollars
To be transported to the safety of your own প্রথমপাতা
World peace
To find that stupid কাঠবিড়াল who wouldn't give আপনি directions
Nothing. Your parents told আপনি to never talk to strange men offering gifts
Two আরো wishes
Added by dazl
I&# 39; m already home, and I have lots of stolen food...
I'm already home, and I have lots of stolen খাবার =D
Added by knifewrench
A Million আরো wishes
A Million আরো wishes
Added by notthatgirl
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