Picks The ফ্যানপপ mansion has survived the attack. Time to celebrate the victory! Party over here! What is the most memorable part of the evening?

Pick one:
The ফ্যানপপ Four give a speech to honour the Fanpoppers and give out free hoodies
The Fanpoppettes (and a few of the guys) all cheering johnminhs টেবিল dance.
The fight between hiro and kathiria82 over নায়ক beating the Office Spot অনুরাগী
Megloveskyle cake baked for us, crushed দ্বারা johnminh as he falls off the টেবিল
Temptasia getting hit in the face while breaking up the Heroes/Office fight
The involuntary conga line started দ্বারা tvman while he was waiting for the bathroom
All retiring for a while to Fanpop, while waiting for the পিজা delivery
Everyone disappearing when the pizzas arrive, leaving snoznoodle to foot the bill
Benji and PkmnTrainerJ duet on 'Guy Love'
The police প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে up because the Beboers পরবর্তি door complained
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