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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 11: Craig's Defeat and Nikki's Goodbye

(It's 2:00 am on Thursday morning. The police officers were examining Nikki at the lab and asking her প্রশ্ন without Ash. Ash and his বন্ধু are watching Nikki's drunken father getting handcuffed. The police officers were trying to get the handcuffs locked around his big wrists. They gave up and go to their big swat truck far away.)
Police man: We are just gonna get bigger cuffs! We'll be back! (Walks off)
May: Well shouldn't somebody be holding him down so he don't …..(she turns her head seeing a police car without the drunken guy there!) ESCAPE!
Pikachu: PIKKKAAAA!!!!
(Everyone starts screaming and running in circles. Bonnie sees a scratched on note on the back door of the police car. It says:)
(Ash Ketchum-
If you're manly enough than meet me done at that crappy garden in 4:00am! I'll be getting pumped in the woods! Time for আপনি to be defeated!)
(Bonnie starts to think in her head while everyone is screaming.)
Max: The drunken dad is on the loose! Nikki's life is in at risk!
Clemont: But how?
Bonnie: Don't worry! I got an IDEA!
Iris: Well that's a first.
Axew: Axew.
Bonnie: Anyways, does anyone own a trap with a huge wooden বাক্স and long log holding it up under it with a rope tied to it?
Professor Oak: Sure got that at my production camp.
Cilan: (Scratching his head.) আপনি do?
Professor Oak: Do আপনি think I prevent bears with an expensive tranquilizer gun?
Bonnie: Everyone get those supplies and meet me in the middle of the garden! Ash and Serena, go protect Nikki! RUN! ITS 3:00AM!
(Everyone does as they were ordered to.)
Bonnie: (she feels a tap of the shoulder and turns around. She sees Mayor Adam West giving him a mini tranquilizer gun.) What's this for?
Adam West: When the time comes, you'll know. (He disappears)
Bonnie: (Walking into the garden with the gun.) Dedenne, that man is COOL!
Dedenne: De ne ne!
Clemont: I hate to admit it but I think Bonnie's idea will work.
Misty: I don't care if this plan won't work. I JUST WANT THIS DUDE OUTTA HERE!
(In the middle of the garden, everyone sets up the trap with the huge বাক্স tip backwards দ্বারা the log standing up underneath the crates edge with rope tied on it. Bonnie made a trail of M&M's from the সৈকত to under the tipped huge বাক্স trapped. It's now 3:58am and everyone is ready.)
Dawn: (Whispers) Bonnie are আপনি sure this'll work?
Bonnie: (Whispers) Totally! I saw this on a Family Guy episode.
Misty: (Annoyed) The James Woods one?
Bonnie: আপনি saw it too?
Clemont: (sighs) I told আপনি not to see that প্রদর্শনী until আপনি are older.
Bonnie: I know. But I প্রণয় Family Guy.
Dedenne: Ne ne!
Brock: Hey! I see the psycho coming!
(Everyone hides in a গুল্ম near the trap and Bonnie is holding onto the rope. Craig was picking up every M&M's and eating them he is coming closer.)
Craig: (he picks up the m&m's under the trap) Oh a piece of candy! (He eats it)
(Bonnie pulls the rope which makes the huge বাক্স collapses on Craig which makes him trapped in it. Everyone jumps out of the bushes and holds down the crate.)
Bonnie: We caught him!
(Near the police car, Craig was going crazy while trying to be pushed in দ্বারা the police officers.)
(Bonnie is watching this and a thought bubble appeared to her with Adam West in it.)
Adam West: When the time comes, you'll know.
(Bonnie's thought bubbles disappears. He aims the tranquilizer at Nikki's drunken dad and shoots it right at his butt.)
Bonnie: Dedenne, I…am a hero.
Dedenne: De ne ne ne!
(Craig passes out and gets put into a stray jacket. He gets put into the বাক্স and the SWAT ট্রাঙ্ক takes him away. Ash is holding Nikki and Serena walks over to the others with the police officers. Then, an unknown person walks over.
Serena: Who's that?
(The person is now revealed Nikki's mom, Hannah Moore)
Nikki: Mommy!!!
Hannah: Nicole! Oh my God! It's you!
(Nikki and Hannah hugged each other as both females are crying in tears of joy)
Hannah: I missed আপনি so much!
Nikki: I missed আপনি too Mommy!
(Everyone is crying even their Pokemon.)
Cilan: (he is trying to hold back his tears.) I promised myself I won't cry. আপনি can't make me cry! (Sobs.)
Nikki: Mommy, this is Ash and his friends! They had been taking care of me for the last few days!
Hannah: Nice to meet আপনি all! Thank আপনি for taking care of my daughter.
Ash: You're very welcome! We did it so far, aren't we, buddy?
Pikachu: Pika Pikachu.
Nikki: (Tears are trickling down her cheek.) I'm gonna miss you, Ash.
Ash: (he pulls her into his arms and tightly hugs her.) We gonna miss আপনি too, honey pie.
May: Hope আপনি visit us someday!
Iris: Give us a call!
Nikki: I will!
(It's now 6:00 am and everyone is saying good bye to Nikki and her mom. Nikki gets into the car with her stuffed Cyndaquil and looks out of the back window waving good bye to Ash and Serena. The police car disappears in the horizon of the garden and that was the last sight of Nikki. Serena comes up to Ash frowning with Nikki's drawing in her hands.)
Serena: (Sniffs and she gives the drawing to him.) Here is a piece of Nikki that is left.
Ash: (Tears up when he looks at it.) I need some time to myself. (He runs off somewhere with the drawing in his hand.)
Serena: Ash, wait!
Pikachu: Pika Pi! (He runs after him with Serena.)
Misty: Poor Ash.
Clemont: Hey, Bonnie, what are the police officers gonna do to Nikki's insane dad?
Bonnie: Oh, they ব্যক্ত that he is gonna be examined দ্বারা শীর্ষ men.
Clemont: Who?
Bonnie: (Looks serious.) Top-Men!
(At the Governor's Warehouse, a Hispanic man is hammering down the বাক্স the father is in. The ending song from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the হারিয়ে গেছে Ark is playing in the background. The Hispanic man is wheeling down the wooden বাক্স in the long isle of a million wooden crates stacked up high.)

To be continued...
This is a story of a Misanko Elite Four member, and Guardian of Electricity named Daniel. He wants to explore the Misanko Region so he's starting an adventure with his বন্ধু Hiroka, and Hazuto, and leaving his sister, Hazuki, in charge of all his pokemon except for Roxian, and his Elite Four Island.


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 Darkcia Ledgend
Darkcia Ledgend
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