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posted by littlewolf223
They all had a place in this family
Pete was the oldest at 19 but he was আরো of the peacemaker than anything he had a good sense of humor but being to oldest he was the one in charge of the other's and gave out gounding and timeout in ant and dec case
Simon পরবর্তি at 17 he hates school but is a good older brother never smoked অথবা anything he got arrested once but it wasn't even his fault that the man got violent and he fought back
Niel's পরবর্তি in the very middle at 15 he was very funny and had a awsome way of making everthing ok
Nikki পরবর্তি at 12 but is very sweet and loves playing with পুতুল and গান গাওয়া
Ant-the oldest of the pair 6 being born 5 mintues ahead of his twin dec he look আরো like dad than mom with dark hair and brown eyes high forehead was the আরো daring than his twin
Dec- the youngest of the whole chan wtih light brown hair and hazel eyes with freckles very shy and often hides behind his older sibling and is very much attached to ant and nikki