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Blake and Snowbell were walking back, when someone bumped into him.

"Blake! Please don't leave!! I loved you!!" She cried.

"I'm sorry, Littlecloud. I've found a new প্রণয় now." Blake said.

"Yeah! Me!" Snowbell hissed at Littlecloud.

Before thinking, Littlecloud pounced on Snowbell and bite her neck.

"What the...?!" Snowbell hissed in pain.

"That'll teach আপনি to mess with MY Blake!" Littlecloud hissed.

"Your Blake?! I'm not yours! I'm my own! And Snowbell is with me!" Blake ব্যক্ত swatting Littlecloud across the nose.

All of a sudden, they heard hisses and screaming at the camp. They heard yowling and...
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