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 Kitten Buttercup
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Her as a kitten!!!!! :)
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"I would প্রণয় to!" Professor said.

"Alright then- wait! Where will he sleep?" Brick asked.

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that Blossom ব্যক্ত as Blake fell onto her tail and curled up in a ball and fell asleep.

"I know what we can do!" Brick said. "We can make a den! It's easy!"

"How?" Professor asked.

"Come'er." Brick ব্যক্ত walking to the bushes. About ten মিনিট later, a perfect গর্ত was made.

"Good night, Professor." Blossom ব্যক্ত picking Blake up. Brick picked up Blazey and headed inside with Blossom.

"Well, at least I'm reunited with them."Professor ব্যক্ত walking into his new den.

The পরবর্তি morning, Buttercup...
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 Uh oh, he's a puppy!
Uh oh, he's a puppy!
"Ah! Another sunny দিন in Townsville! Of course, আপনি can usually find the Rowdyruff Boys reaking havoc, but today there simply hanging out a home." The narrator says.

The scene changes to the RRBS at their hide out.

"I wanna do something!" Boomer yelled at Brick.

"Then go find something to do!!" Brick yelled back.

"Fine!" Boomer ব্যক্ত flying out the square bedroom window.

At Mojo's lair, Mojo is working on the anubiss dog head once more.

"Those despicible Rowdyruff Boys! I'll turn them into worthless mutts! They betrayed me! I will zap them with this anubiss dog head which will turn them into dogs...
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Later, Blake was getting really tired of his sister's pitiful coughing and mewling. He couldn't sleep with all her gagging. He gave her a nudge.

"Huh- *cough cough cough*" She mewed in a hoarse voice.

"Stop coughing! It's annoying!" Blake hissed.

"I *cough cough* can't!" Blazey coughed.

"I'm getting out of here where আপনি can't annoy me!" Blake hissed in a whisper.

"I can't help it! *cough cough*" She hissed.

"Oh, দ্বারা the way, আপনি smell like crow-food." Blake ব্যক্ত walking out of the den.

Blazey fell asleep once more. Blossom awoke to Blazey's coughing and heavy breathing.

"You okay, sweety?" Blossom...
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