2:30 am
I decided to talk since I don't sleep. My name is Haruko Matsumoto; and I am a daywalker. If আপনি don't know what that is, it is a half human and half vampire. I have all of the vampire's strengths and none of their weaknesses, not even the thirst. What Kaoru doesn't know is that her dad's side of her family descends from a bunch of vampire slayers, I wonder why she doesn't know that. Well, anyway, I know that she didn't give আপনি a full intro about me, so here it is. I have ember-yellow eyes, white hair with blue ends, and I wear fake glasses. My পছন্দ color is purple and I like মার্জার (as pets). When I came here, I was nervous about my mom being found দ্বারা the hunters, a.k.a, vampire slayers. I decided to take a walk when I saw Kaoru. As soon as the white mist came to be visible, a.k.a., her breathe; I knew that she was a seer. I walked towards her to see if she knew what I was. She didn't, which means that I was lucky. After getting to know her on Monday, I thought she was pretty cool. But I think she and her বন্ধু are keeping a secret from me. That is why later today, when they say they are sick, I'll follow them.

11:30 am
I am at school and it is lunch time we were talking about যেভাবে খুশী types of foods when Kaoru, Miyako, and Momoko looked at each other. They raised their hands and told the teacher that they were sick. She sent them to the nurse. I followed. But instead of them going to the nurse they went to the শীর্ষ of the building onto the roof. I hid behind a box. Kaoru took a compact out of her belt. "Oh, great! Just what I need! Miyako, আপনি fight Sedusa. Momoko, আপনি get the amoeba boys. I'l fight Fuzzy and the Gang Green Gang." she said. Miyako and Momoko nodded and grabbed theirs. They shouted some words and a light surrounded them. When it was gone, they were wearing something else. To my surprise, they started flying. I went back into the classroom and sat in my seat. They have some explaining to do!