Meanwhile, there's Love, Miki and Inori, trying to hit Kyle, but all three hits with the shotgun and said, "And so আপনি would be the Pretty Cure who saved the people of your mascot? But আপনি can not even knows how to defend themselves! "
Nozomi: "This ... I say ... YOU!!!" It takes Kyle knocking him to the দেওয়াল and trying to মুষ্ট্যাঘাত him, but Kyle dodges it দ্বারা a powerful মুষ্ট্যাঘাত on the nose of Nozomi making it bleed.
Kokoda, seeing the terrifying spectacle did not hesitate to use Light Miracle ein a while but to no avail, all the mascots also took their desperate Kokoda seeing their Miracle Light while Kyle reached the third part of the arena of Shaar: which is a giant temple while looking at the sky: "There is an hour, and from that moment will be the end"
Kokoda: "Stand up, please! We have to raise, please! " Rise "
Mipple: "What the hell ..." Pretty Cure saw the rise again, ready for revenge against Kyle, but was waiting for another surprise: Kyle had the crystals of the Dark Pretty Cure 5 (do not tell me nothing: For those who have seen the movie:
Yes! Precure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibōken!, will understand)
Nozomi: "Why do the hunting?"
Kyle: "Do not আপনি care about, and even better to know who I am ..." And he took off his টুপি and discovers his true identity.
Honoka: "Kyle Katarn"
Nagisa: "That Kyle Katarn?
Urara: "I do not believe"
Saki: "Incredible"
Nozomi: "No matter who আপনি are, I just want আপনি to be defeated"
Kyle: Ah! I got another thing for you: The Recognize this? "
Rin: "The crystal!"
Nozomi: "How did আপনি had?"
Kyle: "Sometimes I do not even know if আপনি want to recover the crystals will face: If I bring these crystals in five different temples, আপনি fail. Not so fast! Only Pretty Cure 5, the other not. " So Kyle and Pretty Cure 5 competed. is a fight to the crystal.