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IF আপনি প্রণয় PRIDE AND PREJUDICE-- you'll প্রণয় this new book. Its called 'Edenbrooke' দ্বারা Julianne Donaldson. Check it out. I actually thought it was better than Pride and prejudice (hard to fathom).
It is similar to P a P (Pride and Prejudice) in all ways. It is a হৃদয় pounding romance with lots of twists and turns. Edenbrooke is now my all time পছন্দ books! I couldn't for the life of me set it down.
আপনি MUST READ THIS!!! If আপনি প্রণয় PaP then আপনি will ADORE Edenbrooke. It is a relatively fast read. I have read it twice the past week. It is THAT good.