So, this is it. My life is officially over because of my so-called-friend, Niki.
We used to do everything together, we learned how to ride bikes together, we went প্রথমপাতা from school together, we would go trick অথবা treating and caroling together, when she fell off the swing, I was the one to call for help, and when I fell off a বৃক্ষ she was the one who called my mom..
What happened to us?

I tried calling her, but all I could get was her voice mail.
"Hey! This is Niki! Sorry I can't answer your call right now, I'm off somewhere. Leave me a message?"
"Hey Niki"I sighed,"It's Ella, look I'm sorry about what happened. I had no idea আপনি guys had a date, I swear. Please, call me back"

I sighed, then threw my phone halfway across the room...I got up and picked it up, to check if it was still okay. After I picked it up, I placed it on the bed, then fell fast asleep.

When I woke up, I noticed I had three messages on my phone...
All from Niki.
"Hey sweety! Sorry I couldn't answer your call, I was busy. Yes, of course I forgive you, you're my bestie. Call me as soon as আপনি receive this."
"Ella? Are আপনি asleep? Call me.."
"Sweety? It's Niki, don't ignore me, I'm sorry I got mad at you, I guess I was just a little paranoid. আপনি guys are best friends, what was I thinking? I was just a little scared Prince would fall for you. Sorry. Call me."

I also noticed a text from Niki.
Let's have ডিনার 2moro:) I miss u sweety <3

I sort of smiled...and then I texted her back..
Of course sweety:) Maggiano's 2moro @7??
Txt me the deets.

She replied back with:
Ooh! Maggiano's! I miss dat! Yes:) Let's go to Maggiano's 2moro @7..pick u up around 6:30..imma let mah dad drive us..btw, Eva's cuming 2!

So, does this mean we're best বন্ধু again? I hope so..

Sorry if it's so late!
We had our intramural games, so I was busy..