January, 31, 2011, We just got back প্রথমপাতা from our honeymoon a few মিনিট ago. I stood there in the middle of our bedroom with the door locked shut. I looked at a pregnancy test as a little পরাকাষ্ঠা plus sign appeared. I ran into the bathroom and hid it at the bottom of the trash can so Chris wouldn’t see it!!! We got in the car and headed over to Debbie’s ranch for the day. When we got there she was standing in front of the house waving. We both got out of my truck and she went to give me a hug and I pulled away from her. Debbie took one look at me wearing my typical clothes and said” what happened to you; how come you’re not wearing girly clothes?” Chris chuckled and said” if আপনি really knew A.J. আপনি would know that she doesn’t wear that type of stuff!!!” I said” I told আপনি that I would not be what আপনি expected Debbie!!!” She said” where did আপনি get this attitude from?” I ব্যক্ত as we walked into the house “I told আপনি that আপনি would be shocked…so just drop it!!!” We all sat down in the living room and hanging on the দেওয়াল was a big poster of me playing my guitar. Debbie said” so…. Why am I hearing that আপনি two already have a one বছর old son?” I said” yes, before আপনি even ask me I am a good mother and I take care of him!!!” She rolled her eyes and said” when does your পরবর্তি tour start because I want to buy tickets?” I started to sweat and said” in one month.” She said” if আপনি let me I would প্রণয় to have the baby stay here with me while আপনি are touring!!!” Chris saw me starting to get mad and said” wow that’s low Debbie; do আপনি honestly think that we would leave আপনি in charge of our son?” She rudely said” I didn’t ask you, I don’t care about what আপনি think!!!” I said” don’t speak to my husband like that!!!” She said” isn’t he the father of Reegan?” I said” no… neither of us are his biological parents; his father was my ex-boyfriend and he committed suicide!!!” Chris said” Alanna took custody of him because his mother died also and A.J wanted to give Reegan a chance at a better life that he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.” She said” I still don’t agree with আপনি raising a child when can’t even make a cautious decision for yourself!!!” Chris grabbed my hand and we stormed out of her house. As we were opening the truck doors she said” I’m only telling আপনি the truth Alanna!!!” I yelled” it’s not the truth and আপনি better get used to that because I’m pregnant!!!” Chris looked stunned and said” that’s awesome; how long have আপনি know?” We got in the truck and I said” only a couple of hours… I must’ve forgotten to take my birth control pill the night that we experimented in Florida.” Chris said” wait…how the hell are we going to tell your grandmother?” I took a deep breath and said” I don’t know but, we should tell everyone tomorrow when we pick up Reegan.”

February, 1, 2011, I woke up screaming and tossing around in our bed. Chris jumped out of the বিছানা and said” oh my god are আপনি alright; আপনি kept saying Daddy I প্রণয় you?” I sat up and said” what happened; I’m shaking?” He said” I think আপনি were having a panic attack; you’ll be fine just relax.” When I had calmed myself down we headed over to Grandma’s house. As we pulled into the driveway I had just enough time to open the truck door before I threw up all over the ground. Chris looked at me and said” are আপনি alright, আপনি were fine just a সেকেন্ড ago?” I said” yeah, I think it was just morning sickness” and I shut the door. We walked into the house and Reegan said” mommy’s home!!!” As I went into the living room I could see the back of his head with his blonde hair sticking up in every direction. I picked him up and said” did আপনি have fun while we were gone?” I sat on the পালঙ্ক with Reegan on my lap and the whole family came in the room. Grandma said” what did আপনি guys do together on your honeymoon?” I paused and said” nothing much, just went to the সৈকত a lot!!!” She said” আপনি didn’t do anything exciting when আপনি were in Florida?” Chris sat পরবর্তি to me tapping his foot and I said” we did go to an underage club until people saw that I was there!!!” Chris said” I can’t take it anymore; we did go to a club but, afterwards….um…Alanna is pregnant!!!” Everyone went silent and I said” we didn’t mean for this to happen!!!” Grandma said” well it happened so, what are আপনি going to do about it?” Chris said” we are going to keep the baby obviously!!!” Prince looked at Chris and said” আপনি couldn’t find anything better to do আপনি asshole?” Prince ran out of the house slamming the door behind him and I passed Reegan to Chris. Paris looked out the window and said” he is taking off down the road on his bike.” I grabbed my keys and said” don’t worry, I’ll go look for him!!!” As I was driving slowly down the road yelling his name it donned on me, I knew right where he was!!! I drove to the lake and there he was skipping stones in the water. I got out of the truck and sat down on the ground পরবর্তি to him. He said” আপনি do realize that Dad would have flipped out on Chris, right?” I said” yes, just because Dad isn’t here doesn’t mean আপনি have the right to either!!!” He sat down and said” I’m supposed to keep আপনি নিরাপদ from stuff like this from happening to you!!!” I was shocked with what he was saying and said” Prince I don’t know who told that…your only job right now is to be a kid!!!” A tear rolled down his face and he said” then that’s your job too!!!” I looked at the ground and said” I gave up being a kid when I decided to adopt Reegan.” He got on his bike and said” if you’re done being a kid, don’t make careless choices that get আপনি into trouble!!!” As he rode away on his bike I knew his was right, I’ll have to postpone the tour until the baby is born. That also means I won’t be making as much money…..