February, 4, 2011 I was sitting in the living room and my stomach started growling. Chris looked at me and said” all we have in the রান্নাঘর is a jar of pickles.” I said” will আপনি go get them please?” He stood up and said” wait a minute; I thought আপনি hated pickles?” I said” I’ll take any খাবার at this point….need food!!!” While he was in the রান্নাঘর I heard the glass break and said” that better not have been the pickles!!!” I walked into the রান্নাঘর and Chris said” my hands slipped.” I smiled and jokingly said” I hate আপনি so much right now!!!” I grabbed my truck’s keys and Chris picked up Reegan. After we got in the truck I drove to McDonalds and ordered us a lot of food. Chris took a box of chicken nuggets out of the bag and blew on them. He tore each of them in half and passed the box to Reegan. I smiled and said” oh; what a good daddy আপনি are!!!” I took a big bite out of my quarter pounder and Chris said” god; why the hell are আপনি so skinny?” I said” I won’t be skinny for long; my baby bump is starting to show!!!” Reegan said” Mommy সঙ্গীত on!!!” I turned the radio on and Ryan Seacrest was talking. He ব্যক্ত “Justin Bieber is reaching a prince of pop level as he starts his European tour.” I changed the station and rolled my eyes!!! Chris said” Bieber will never be as amazing as your father is!!!” I said” yeah I know; I just wish get back to the stage and give him something to worry about!!!”After we were done eating we drove to the grocery store to get খাবার for us to eat at the ranch. We walked into the store and I put Reegan in a shopping cart. Believe it অথবা not this is the first time we have gone খাবার shopping since getting married. আপনি could tell that we had no clue where anything was and I even had to ask one of the employees to help us find something. When we got to the place with pickles were I grabbed 7 jars of them. Chris said” I can’t believe your buying all of those!!!” I said” I think it’s the টক taste that I like…I’m craving them!!!” Reegan started to get fussy and I gave him my IPhone to play with. As I was in the checkout line with Reegan; Chris went over to a magazine rack. He came over to me with a copy of তারকা magazine in his hands. He flipped through the pages and said” look at this!!!” the শিরোনাম of the প্রবন্ধ was “Behind the Mask?” I read it and it talked about how I decided not to have Reegan wear a mask in public like my dad had done with us. I closed the magazine and put it back on the rack. Chris grabbed the grocery bags and we went out to the truck. As we were putting the খাবার in the back of the truck I heard someone saying “hello?” I took my phone from Reegan and he had speed dialed Grandma’s number:
Me: hey
Grandma: how are you; I haven’t heard from আপনি since আপনি told the family আপনি were pregnant?
Me: yeah I know that…I just needed a while to calm down!!!
Grandma: we all miss the three of আপনি very much!!!
Me: did Prince get over his fit?
Grandma: আপনি can’t blame him for being mad!!!
Me: I’m almost 17 years old and I’m married…what do expect me to do?
Grandma: how do আপনি think your father would react?
Me: I think he wouldn’t be shocked; truly he thought I was sexually active at 14 years old.
Grandma: why would আপনি say something like that Alanna?
Me: well; he came into my room with a box of birth control and told me that I better take it!!!
Grandma: that doesn’t make it alright….tell me the truth Alanna Michael Jackson….did আপনি ever at any point have intercourse with Christopher in my home?
Grandma: I don’t treat আপনি differently than I treat any of the other kids.
Me: don’t give me that bullshit; আপনি wish আপনি had never gained custody of me when dad died!!!
Grandma: that’s not true A.J; I just don’t know what to do with you!!!
Me: what do আপনি mean আপনি don’t know what to do with me?
Grandma: I’ve never had to deal with a kid like আপনি before!!!
Me: so what I’m still your granddaughter!!!
Grandma: that may be so but; I don’t agree with most of the stuff আপনি do.
Me: tell me some of the things that I do that আপনি hate and I’ll explain why I do them.    
Grandma: when আপনি got your tongue pierced!!!
Me: I wanted it because I like to treat my body like a work of art….you didn’t have to give me permission!!!
Grandma: what about আপনি getting married so young?
Me: I প্রণয় Chris with all of my হৃদয় and I want us to spend the rest of our lives together!!!
Grandma: Well I have to go; I’ll talk to আপনি soon
Me: that’s only if I want to talk to you
I hung up the phone and looked at Chris in disbelief. He said” I hate how আপনি did some messed up shit in the past and they blame আপনি for everything that is happening now.” I hugged him and said” I’m just glad that I have আপনি and Reegan to keep me grounded!!!” I passed Reegan his pacifier and said” it’s getting to the point where I don’t care অথবা not if she is in my life!!!”

February, 5, 2011, the three of us were sitting around at the ranch doing nothing. I had just got done giving Reegan a bath when Chris walked into the room. I was drying Reegan’s hair and Chris said” we should get a pet; it’s too quiet here.” I took Reegan of the বিছানা and said” I’ll tell আপনি what; we will go to the store and pick out a fish.” He said” come on আপনি got to be kidding me!!!” I said” we already have a one বছর old and a baby on the way.” Reegan ran over to his bookshelf and started throwing বই everywhere. Chris said” yeah…we need to get a dog to keep me company!!!” I bent down to pick up the বই and said” we are not company enough for you?” He said” It’s not that babe…I just really want a puppy!!!” Reegan passed me his stuffed dog and said” woof, woof.” I picked him up and said” I want a dog too but; I’m not sure this is the right time!!!” Chris said” when will it be the right time?” I said” in a বছর and a half after we try getting Reegan out of diapers!!!” Chris said” I can’t wait for him to stop wearing them too because it’s gross!!!” I looked at Reegan and said” don’t worry we have a long way to go before that happens unfortunately.”