Pop superstar Prince showed his appreciation for his young collaborator Janelle Monae দ্বারা sending a গান গাওয়া telegram and ফুলেরডালি to her dressing room at a সাম্প্রতিক gig.

The Purple Rain hitmaker collaborated with soul তারকা Monae on a track for her new album The Electric Lady and he celebrated the record's release this মাস (Sep13) দ্বারা arranging a special surprise for the singer.

In video footage filmed for a Revolt Tv documentary, Monae is seen looking shocked to find a young man in her dressing room holding a card and ফুলেরডালি and গান গাওয়া to her.

The messenger was reciting Prince's hit Kiss, which had been re-written as a personal tribute to Monae, but she didn't realise the significance of the গান গাওয়া telegram until she asked him, "So where did আপনি come from?"

He replied, "I came from Big আপেল গান গাওয়া Telegrams and this is from Prince" before handing her the card featuring the star's personalised message. She gasped with delight before saying, "Oh my God. Prince sent আপনি here? Are আপনি f**king kidding me? Oh my God... Prince sent আপনি here! He wrote this too?... Wow this is a message from Prince."

Monae then read out the song lyrics: "You don't have to be Janelle Monae to be electric, আপনি just need to keep your dignity. When your life gets hectic, আপনি don't need experience to get some clout, আপনি don't need বন্ধু like Prince to প্রদর্শনী আপনি what it's all about. আপনি don't have to be rich to be Monae, আপনি don't have to be a witch with a ঝাড়ু of hay. There ain't no particular rhyme that আপনি need to say, আপনি just need a copy of Janelle's Electric Lady."

She added, "Wow. Thank আপনি Prince.Thank আপনি so much. I just want to cry... I just really want to cry right now. This is too much for me to handle."

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