I wrote an প্রবন্ধ about this subject for Belle and since that one was so much fun I figured I should write one for জুঁই aswell.

Before I begin I will say that I am a person who enjoys drawing clothes and designing clothes for my own characters and because of this I have started take a good look at different clothes inorder to get a better idea of what to and not to draw and this is why I will give my opinion on the clothes themselfes aswell.

Lets begin with the lowest on the list

Nr 5: Peasant Disguise
This one looks really good but it is the most plain of all of her clother I know that is exactly the point but still.
I like how it is two parts and two different shades of brown to give it a few details.

Either way even if I like this outfit I have to put it on the last place but last out of five isn't that bad and if I included sequel clothes it would be much higher than last.

Nr 4: Ending Outfit
I actually had a huge problem with placing this one on any place at all because I think that it looks really beautiful but we see it for a few সেকেন্ড which means that we don't get a very good look at it.

Anyway I প্রণয় the color and the শাল she wears makes it different from the rest of her clothes.

So the biggest flaws with it is it's very limited screentime.

Nr 3: Blue Outfit
This blue outfit is usually considered to be her best অথবা সেকেন্ড best outfit দ্বারা অনুরাগী but I think that it only desrves 2nd place.
I প্রণয় the color and the সামগ্রিক design, the শীর্ষ is reveling but still looks great and the pants give her a bit of a tomboyish look but not enought to make her look like a boy.

It fits her personality very nicely and looks very good at the same time.

This is her most used outfit and this also makes it her most famous outfit since it has appeared in most of her animated appearences so I have to give it points for that.

Nr 2: Red "Slave" Outfit
This one is simply amazing, they প্রদর্শনী our heroine in a slave outfit and it actually looks amazingly good.
I প্রণয় this shade of red and the স্বর্ণ jewelry gorgeous together with it.

For some reason the red fits Jasmine's skin color better than the blue, this might be the lighting in the scene but as far as I can tell it looks better than blue on her.

She looks very beautiful in this and her hair in this outfit is her best one in the movie and it is part in why this is 2nd place.

And at first place: Purple Dress
To be honest I have always প্রণয় this one, the নকশা is great I প্রণয় the purple color and simply put the whole thing is great.

The fabric looks really comfortable and odly enough it looks like something girls would wear in the evening to keep warm during maybe a ডিনার তারিখ at home.

Like I ব্যক্ত earlier I প্রণয় the রঙ and and the fit জুঁই just as well as the red and blue of her other clothes, the only thing I don't like about this outfit is that we never get a very good look at it, I can never find a good screencap for this one.

There I hope আপনি have enjoyed পাঠ করা this one as much as I have done লেখা it ^^
Please try to give me your thought on this and tell me what আপনি think of these dresses.