Here is another character প্রবন্ধ i hope আপনি will enjoy it.

জুঁই is a princess that goes up and down in the popularity ranking so its difficult to say where she is in popularity.

She was designed দ্বারা Mark Henn and he based her on someone he saw in a park with a long black mane and her facial features was based on his sister.

When her looks were set the director ব্যক্ত that they had to redesign আলাদীন so they whould fit together since she "blew him away."

Her Personality
Can be described as Headstrong, self-confident and full of vigour, she is also very curious and very ব্রেভ and thats what makes her likable.
But she is also bored with her life in the palace and she i unaware of how the world works.
What happens when আপনি don´t "pass"

She also don´t like being the prize of every prince that comes to her and wants to marry her,she want প্রণয় and she is willing to go far inorder to find it.

Her Appearance
She is a very beautiful young woman with a distinct hourglass figure. She has dark brown eyes and black hair that she pulls back in to a low ponytail, accompanied দ্বারা a ribbon with a sapphire.

Her Wardrobe
My পছন্দ of her clothes

She wears many different outfits throughout the movies. The outfit she is most associated with is an aqua bedlah outfit with long poofy harem pants and a crop শীর্ষ which leaves her forearms and stomach bare and shows her belly button, along with copper earrings, a copper choker, and স্বর্ণ slipper-like shoes. She slips out into Agrabah, wearing a brown পোশাক with a light brown hijab. For a formal announcement, she wears a long বেগুনি gown, diamond-shaped bronze earrings, and a বেগুনি ribbon with an amethyst. When she is Jafar's slave, she is forced to wear a red and golden slave outfit, with a red sleeveless crop top, red harem pants, golden slipper-like shoes, golden earrings and, later on, a golden crown. At the end of the movie, she is wearing a very fancy version of her usual aqua outfit, in a dark purple with blue cloth and small স্বর্ণ earrings.

In the sequel, she often wears a purple ব্লাউজ and purple harem pants, as well as the usual outfit. In the third movie, she wears a পরাকাষ্ঠা ব্লাউজ and পরাকাষ্ঠা harem pants and a white and স্বর্ণ wedding গাউন, gown and a ফুল veil. In ডিজনি Princess এনচ্যান্টেড Tales, she is also wearing a peacock princess costume. Her garb throughout the series changes, usually due to events of some sort অথবা another.

My পছন্দ Moments

Here is my পছন্দ moments with Jasmine, fist we have the song "A whole New World" it´s a very beautiful song and she really starts to like আলাদীন অথবা "Prince Ali" during this scene.

পরবর্তি we have the চুম্বন at the end of the movie, just great.

Then we have the balcony scene before A whole new world, it´s really funny with জুঁই telling আলাদীন precisely what she thinks about him at the point.

I hope আপনি have enjoyed my little প্রবন্ধ and i really want your honest opinion on it =)