Well, I know this movie was set a long time পূর্বে (Genie: "That outfit is sooo 3rd Century") but don't আপনি think that Jasmine's at least a little bit young? At the start of the movie she is 15, 3 days from her 16th b'day. দ্বারা the end of the movie she's 16. But দ্বারা her confidence, looks and place in life I thought she was in her 20's!
So, I just think that দ্বারা stating জুঁই as 15/16 they portrayed আলাদীন as pretty young too :/
Yeah, well thats just my opinion. I think they should've ব্যক্ত "You need to marry a prince দ্বারা your 21st b'day" অথবা something. :)