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Opinion by EmzLovesCheryl posted বছরখানেক আগে
fan of it?
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A beautiful colour which glows amoungst the others.

Purple seems to be able to fit every mood. আপনি can look at the colour purple, and it can seem moody, depressing. Quite a few people say this. Mostly to me, purple is happy. When someone says 'purple', I imagine a purple lake, with a purple castle, underneath a gorgeous purple sky.

From lilac, to burgandy, there are so many shades of purple. I প্রণয় them all.

Purple flowers, purple grapes, purple beads, purple wrapped chocolates to Barney The Dinosaur. Purple is a colour that could be used for everything and anything. Whether it be your bedroom walls অথবা your dressing gown. Purple may be a secondary colour, but it comes first with me.

Purple is just a lovely colour, and means a lot to some. It may only be a colour, but to some it brings back memories. Lots of memories.

Purple has been my favourite colour, ever since I was little, it's the one colour that I've always been keen on.