1. knowledge is knowing that a টমেটো is a ফলমূল and wisdom is not putting it in a ফলমূল salad
2. a celebrity is someone who works his entire life to be recognized and then wears dark glasses to hide from crazy fans
3.why don't আপনি see hippos hiding behind a tree, because they are very
good at it (wink) lol...
4.What did the traffic light say to the car?, don't look I'm about to change
5. mom:(to son) Anton am I a bad mom
son:mom, my name is paul
6. who is the craziest among this three people, the first guy is looking for his phone, he picks up his phone, turns on the flash light and then he keeps on looking for his phone, his friend calls him and he says"I'll call later I am looking for my phone". The সেকেন্ড guy sees a truck that has broken down in front of him and he shouts"what sort of traffic is this and he keeps on horning অথবা is it the third guy that comes in to a public bathroom আরো sees his self in the mirror and said"sorry sir I didn't know someone was inside
7. I have a secret to tell আপনি just সরানো down a bit more

promise আপনি won't tell

it's nothing I ran out of jokes