1) What gender are you?

2) What is your age?
Why is that important?

3) Do আপনি want a hug?
Depends on who it's from. I like hugs, but only from people I know.

4) Do আপনি have any bad habits?
I use to make a habit of trusting too willingly, now I don't really trust at all. I guess it's bad either way আপনি look at it.

5) What is your পছন্দ food?
Premium Steak. Rare.

6) What is your পছন্দ আইসক্রিম flavor?

7) Are আপনি a virgin?

8) Have আপনি killed anyone?
Yes, but only when it was absolutely unavoidable.

9) Do আপনি hate anyone?
As a rule I don't like anyone who kills mindlessly. However, as far as individuals go, I'm not fond of a certain angel, I believe his name is Giovanni. I helped him on a mission once and he had me arrested when it was over with.

10) Do আপনি have any secrets?
A few.

11) What is your পছন্দ season?
Spring, everything seems a little less glum in the spring.

12) Who is your best friend(s)?
The only person I can call a real friend at all is Zoey. But I guess আপনি could call the others in the resistance my বন্ধু if আপনি wanted to.

13) What are your hobbies?
I প্রণয় reading, not fiction though, informative books. But there doesn't seem to be much time for that lately.

14) What is your পছন্দ drink?

16) What age did আপনি die?
Um, what? Obviously I'm not dead yet অথবা I wouldn't be doing this.

17) Are আপনি nice অথবা mean?
I can be both under the right circumstances.

18) Are আপনি social অথবা shy?
I'm not really shy I'm just আরো of a loner I guess.

19) What do আপনি think of your parents?
Never knew them.

20) What's your weakness?
That I don't like harming others.

21) How long can আপনি stay under water?
I don't know in terms of minutes, but I can stay under for quite a while if needed.

22) What do আপনি do on a regular daily basis?
Sit at the resistance hideout, try to find food, try to avoid attacks from the angels.

23) Do আপনি প্রণয় someone?
I don't believe so.

24) Does someone প্রণয় you?
I wouldn't know if they did.

25) What's your পছন্দ band(s)?
Of the few songs I've heard, the one I liked the most was দ্বারা a band called Disturbed. The song was "I'm Alive" I think.

26) Ever worn a dress?

27) Willingly?

28) What do আপনি consider fun in the day-time?
পাঠ করা if there's time.

29) At night?
Sleeping I suppose.

30) Ever kissed anyone?
Yes, আরো than one actually.

31) ...Of the same gender?
Only because he kissed first and I didn't want to be rude.

32) If আপনি could have any super power, what would it be?
The ability to tell when people are lying. That would be extremely useful.

33) What's your পছন্দ thing to touch?
My pillow.

34) When was the last time আপনি wet yourself?
What the hell kind of প্রশ্ন is that? uh.. I guess a বছর অথবা so after I hatched before I learned how to hold it, I can't remember that far back..

35) What's your পছন্দ colour(s)?

36) When was the last time আপনি cried?
Probably a মাস অথবা two ago. I don't cry around other people though.

37) Do আপনি have a pet?

38) What did আপনি name your pet?

39) Are আপনি crazy?
It's a possiblity

40) What are you?
A Demon.

41) What's your nickname?
Zac, but only one person ever calls me that.

42) Do আপনি consider yourself a happy অথবা a down person?
I'm happy when there's reason to be happy and down when there's reason to be down.

43) পছন্দ movie?
I've never seen one.

44) What is your current occupation?
I'm a member of the resistance, though I don't know if that counts as an occupation.

45) Do আপনি have any dreams?
To live happily and not in fear of others one day.

46) What was the most memorable moment of your life?
When Zoey and I agreed to be allies. That moment basically decided everything else that happened from then on.

47) What is your greatest fear?
Dying without knowing how this war ends.

48) How would আপনি like to die?

49) Why are আপনি taking this questionnaire?
I don't know. Someone left it laying on a টেবিল in the hideout and there was a pen near by. I was bored and had a bottle of জিন sitting পরবর্তি to me so I figured why not.

50) What do আপনি plan on doing now?
Burning this so no one ever reads it.