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posted by ivoryphills
I am a teenage girl.
The world I was brought to when I had hit the big "1-3" are supposed to be the best years of my life, right? Why am I fed this lie? Everywhere I turn, there is nothing but torture and conflict with no solution. I am expected to be a kid- do your chores, mind your authority- and yet, I have to be an adult- care for your younger siblings, finish this task দ্বারা Friday. Why must I obey like a child without all of the benefits of a childhood, and why must I take my responsibilities like an adult without all of the freedom like an adult? Worse yet, as I am a teenage girl/woman/whatever society wants me to be, I am put into a far scarier world that even the bravest of men would quiver in fear if they set one foot into it. আপনি know what I'm talking about and if not, then আপনি are sorely ignorant. I am talking about...well, let me put it this way: when your loving mother puts a scarf around আপনি to protect আপনি from the winter cold, there will be men-no, trash waiting to take আরো than that scarf off of you, and I can bet it won't be because they want to make আপনি cold; when your younger siblings are still latching onto আপনি because you're the World's Best Big Sister, আপনি have to start worrying that আপনি won't have children latching on to আপনি so soon, calling আপনি World's Best Mom; when your protective father is holding on to you, there will be trash waiting to snatch আপনি from him, and your innocence from you- if, that is, the trash isn't your father, himself. To trash, I'm not even human (oh, the irony of that phrase!), let alone a child/adult, অথবা a person who'd want control of her virginal rights and her body. This society is nothing but a grave disaster. For my family, I have to be the utmost beautiful virgin until I'm married; for the guys, I have to be the easy hot chick until my "true love" comes along, tag me as his property, and when he's done with me, knocked me up, অথবা found someone with আরো experience, dump me-figuratively অথবা literally in the nearest ditch, I don't know; for my friends, I have to be fun, exciting, supportive, অথবা whatever they want অথবা need, without the guarantee that they'll be what I want অথবা need. And we drift into the "friend" factor, where there are problems of trust and communications. আপনি have বন্ধু that praise আপনি when you're together, but go gabbing rumors about আপনি when your back is turned. আপনি have বন্ধু that demand one thing after the other from you, yet ignore আপনি completely when আপনি beg for their help. আপনি have বন্ধু that would help you, but only if আপনি do something in return, like some deal. And there are the true friends, those who'd প্রণয় আপনি through the flaws, অথবা at least not blab them to others, help আপনি in a heartbeat because they know you'd do it for them even without their asking (or they simply just প্রণয় আপনি so much),those that deserve your trust. But hey, with humans being so unpredictable, wouldn't it be just easier to keep our trust to ourselves and not let others have it? This sad world that I live in, where I'm not safe, free, অথবা happy. I'm told to be this and do that দ্বারা everyone, even the media that was supposed to entertain me, not be entertained দ্বারা my dillema and confusion, and none of this is what I want for me. I am supposed to enjoy the fear of possible sexual attacks, confusion of where I stand as an adolescent, the identity as subhuman because I'm female, and this world that says it loves me when clearly it wants me destroyed before I realize what I can অথবা want to be?
I am a person with an identity to obtain, goals to reach, and a future that shouldn't be tarred দ্বারা this society's stereotypical মতামত of what future I should recieve.
I am a teenage girl, a person, so could আপনি please stop unnecessarily making my world a living hell?
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posted by warriorcats02
Yeah, I just needed to do a D.A.R.E. Essay, and I had it typed up on my computer, so I just copied and pasted it here, so I go on this site at school, and copy and paste it to গুগুল docs there, so I can print it out there. Yeah, people who do drugs, please don't be offended দ্বারা this, since I needed to do this essay, so, yeah.

D.A.R.E. Essay

I have learned a lot of valuable things from D.A.R.E. this year. D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abusive Resistance Education. One this is not to do drugs. There are a lot of different kinds of drugs, but the most common drugs are smoking, and drinking alcohol....
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posted by JonasLuver1
Why Guys প্রণয় Girls:

1. The way they always smell good even if it’s just shampoo
2. The way they always find the right spot on our shoulder
3. How cute they look when they sleep
4. The ease in which they fit into our ams
5. The way they চুম্বন আপনি ad make everything alright in the world
6. How cute they are when they eat
7. The way they take hours to get dressed but in the it’s all worthwhile
8. The way they are always warm even if it’s minus 30 degrees
9. The way the look good no matter what they wear
10. The way she fished for compliments even though আপনি both know she’s the most beautiful...
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this is one awesome video.yall gotz to watch it.itz crazy!
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1.When someone remembers the things আপনি say
2.Cute sneezes
3.Laughing until my stomach hurts
4.Waking up with perfect hair
5.The sound of little kid’s uncontrollable laughter
6.People who except my extreme weirdness
7.People who remember me after meeting me once
8.Getting an A on a test I didn’t study for
9.When the first text আপনি see is from the person আপনি প্রণয় <3
10.When your plans don’t work out but your দিন turned perfect anyway
11.Seeing a baby laugh
12.That one person who knows আপনি better than আপনি know yourself
13.When a friendly stranger smiles at you
14.The cold side of the pillow
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u should say to his family & friends:

-sorry for your lost.

-i hope it was helpful :P

The End
posted by edwardcarlisle
Well, as the শিরোনাম says, this is a তালিকা of stupid প্রশ্ন people has asked to themeselves sometime on their lifetimes.

There are others that are not questions, but still are like some sort of extra information.

Hope আপনি enjoy!

- Which is another word for synonym?

- Why isn't there cat খাবার with মাউস flavor?

- How can Donald have nephews if he doesn't even have siblings?

- Adam and Eve had navels.

- Why when someone is being called দ্বারা the phone, he/she starts to walk around as an idiot?

- Why if swimming is so good for losing weight, whales are so fat?

- If wool shrinks with the water, why do sheeps...
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I realized I loved Ashley a while ago. We were onstage and my microphone cut out. I was forced to use Ashley’s until mine was fixed. For just a moment our lips brushed together and I realized I loved him.
It was the end of Valentine’s Day. I wished I could get something for Ashley. Maybe পরবর্তি বছর I would be braver. I was alone in my room when I decided to call Ashley. I wouldn’t tell him I loved him yet, I just wanted...
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