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1- eye contact , if আপনি notice him staring a lot at আপনি ..like আরো than 5 times in the same দিন .(unless আপনি got a stain on your shirt)
2- if আপনি and him were in the same area , he would be with আপনি in every where আপনি walk to ( like a party অথবা a সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান ..etc)
3- he would sit পরবর্তি to আপনি in your class ( unless hes too shy )
4- he would scream অথবা laugh out loud to get your attention .
5- he would kill to be your lab partner at school .
6 - if he says to আপনি hi and hes all too sweaty , make sure hes nervous and that means he likes you.
7-if আপনি drop something , he would be the first to get it for আপনি .
8- if আপনি get stuck at something awkward , he would sacrifice to get আপনি out of a this situation .
9- know if he asks his বন্ধু about আপনি but not directly , to get some info about আপনি ,that means hes interested .
10 - if your at প্রথমপাতা and noticed that he walked দ্বারা your house with his buddies , well he came hoping to see আপনি .
11- if আপনি ব্যক্ত a really silly joke , and totally not funny , he will হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ so damn hard , cuz he thinks your funny ( even if your not )
12- he would tell his বন্ধু how pretty আপনি are , even if they dont agree much , he would insist that your beautiful( unless আপনি are truly pretty )
13- dont trust his opinion when আপনি ask him how do i look? .. he would always say "amazing" ..( even if your messed up)
14 - your the smartest girl he would ever meet .
15- nothing আপনি say is wrong .
16- if he doesnt know where আপনি live , he would follow আপনি to see your house personally .
17- saying hi to him , would make him the happiest guy today . :P
18 - he might make আপনি jealous দ্বারা talking to other girls , but still staring at আপনি while hes hanging with them .
19 - well maybe আপনি are the reason that he comes to school/college/work for
20 - he will be bff of your বন্ধু just to be close to আপনি .
<3 <3 <3

ফুলেরসাজি are crap
Violets are shit
Sit on my face
And wiggle a bit

ফুলেরসাজি are stupid
Violets are silly
Grease up your flaps
Cuz here comes my willy

ফুলেরসাজি are awful
Violets are the pits
Lift up your shirt
And প্রদর্শনী me your tits

ফুলেরসাজি make me laugh
Violets make me titter
You're a dirty bitch
And আপনি প্রণয় it up the shitter

ফুলেরসাজি are straight
Violets are twisted
Bend over love
You're about to get fisted

ফুলেরসাজি are crap
Violets are wanky
Oooh I've just cum
Pass me a hanky

ফুলেরসাজি are red
It's elementary
Let's ring your best friend
And try double entry

ফুলেরসাজি are shit
Violets are crap
প্রদর্শনী me your clit
And I'll cum in your lap

ফুলেরসাজি are red
Skidmarks are brown
Give me a blow job
And গেলা it down

ফুলেরসাজি are groovy
Violets are funky
I'm thinking of you
And spanking my monkey
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Æ æ ❖ ℘ℑℜℵ♏η αβεℓℓα· ¨…¦┅┆┈
┊╱╲╳¯– —≡჻░▒▓ ▤▥▦▧▨▩█ ▌▐▀▄ ◠◡╭╮╯╰ │┤╡╢╖╕╣ ║╝╜╛ ┐ └┴┬├─┼
╞╟╚╔╩╦ ╠═ ╬╧╨╤ ╥╙╘╒╓ ╫╪┘┌
{。^◕‿◕^。} (◕^^◕) ✖✗✘♒♬✄ ✂✆✉✦✧♱ ♰♂♀☿❤❥ ❦❧ ™®©♡♦ ♢♔♕♚♛★ ☆✮ ✯☄☾☽ ☼☀☁☂☃☻ ☺☹ ☮۞۩ εїз☎☏¢ ☚☛☜☝☞☟✍
✌☢☣☠☮☯ ♠♤♣♧♥ ♨๑❀✿ ψ☪☭♪ ♩♫℘ℑ ℜℵ♏ηα ʊϟღツ回...
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just got this while browsing the net

1.I was kidnapped দ্বারা terrorists and they only just let me go, so I didn't have time to do it.

2.I didn't do it because I didn't want to add to my teacher's heavy workload.

3.A bunch of nerds গাউন it to make sure theirs were completely perfect.

4.We ran out of toilet paper at my house last night, and my Dad isn't feeling so good. He grabbed it in a big rush and I haven't seen it since.

5.My mother took it to have it framed.

6.It was in my back pocket and a pickpocket গাউন it.

7.I let somebody copy it but they never gave it back.

8.My mom's whooping cough vaccination...
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I never thought I would be doing a তালিকা like this because when I do lists based on looks it's on women. As a straight guy, it's easier for me to rank women than men. However, when I put my mind to something I try my best to come through. I had already done this তালিকা with women and I remember being asked if I would ever do it with men, so here it is. Keep in mind this is all just my personal opinion as a straight guy and it wasn't easy to figure out AT ALL! Please মতামত but be polite. Also, always মতামত because I worked HARD on this and during a time I had just had laser eye surgery and...
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Jeff Foxworthy is now picking on Michigan.

If আপনি consider it a sport to gather your খাবার দ্বারা drilling through 18 inches of ice and sitting there all দিন hoping that the খাবার will swim by, আপনি might live in Michigan .

If you're proud that your region makes the national news 96 nights each বছর because Pellston is the coldest spot in the nation, আপনি might live in Michigan .

If your local Dairy কুইন is closed from November through April, আপনি might live in Michigan .

If আপনি instinctively walk like a পেংগুইন for five months out of the year, আপনি might live in Michigan .

If someone in a store offers...
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My name is Chris,
I am three,
My eyes are swollen..
I cannot see.

I must be stupid,
I must be bad,
What else could have made,
My daddy so mad?

I wish I were better,
I wish I weren't ugly,
Then maybe my mommy,
Would still want to hug me.

I can't do a wrong,
I can't speak at all,
Or else I'm locked up,
All দিন long.

When I'm awake,
I'm all alone,
The house is dark,
My folks aren't home.

When my mommy does come home,
I'll try and be nice,
So maybe I'll just get,
One whipping tonight.

I just heard a car,
My daddy is back,
From Charlie's bar

I hear...
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In the never-ending "Twilight" battle between Team Edward and Team Jacob, we have the results: The vampire -- and the man who plays him -- claims the buzz. Sure, there's been a lot of tough talk about the নেকড়ে boy -- aka Jacob Black, aka Taylor Lautner -- wooing affections away from his glittering rival. But, as a brooding Bella knows, it takes a lot to shake one's loyalty to Edward Cullen -- aka Robert Pattinson.

Not that there hasn't been a time when many have strayed: Jacob Black (and Lautner himself) wrangled আরো searches on Yahoo! than Edward Cullen (and Pattinson) for about three weeks...
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I didn't write this!

Sell used bus tickets. Claim they are for half the price.

Get on the bus, grinning widely. As soon as the bus begins to move, burst into song. When আপনি arrive at the পরবর্তি stop, stop singing. Step off the bus backwards, still grinning widely.

If আপনি are seated between two passengers, yawn loudly, strech, and put your arms around them.

Greet passengers with a big hug, handshake, smile and say ³Hi, call me Norman²

Put a leash on a friend and walk him/her onto the bus. Insist he/she is a dog and should go for half fare.

When arriving at your stop, do not push the button to...
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50 Fun things to do in a Grocery Store

1. Ask the produce manager if he happens to have any fresh Oompah Loompah fruit.

2. While holding a cantaloupe directly in front of your chest, squeeze it and smile dreamily.

3. Every time আপনি turn the corner with your shopping cart, shout “Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!”

4. Go up to the manager and tell him অথবা her that you’ve হারিয়ে গেছে your mommy.

5. While waiting in line at the checkout, juggle some lemons.

6. Tiptoe stealthily up and down the aisles – and around corners – with a magnifying glass.

7. While scratching frantically, ask the manager if he অথবা she has anything...
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