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So there has been a lot of new horror চলচ্চিত্র coming out and a lot of people doing dumb stuff in that movie.

So I'm gonna help আপনি survive. you're welcome.

1. Don't take a trip to a secluded area.
-You could go to Vegas, New York, Paris so why the hell go into a damn desert.

2.Don't invite your boyfriend and the local village slut on the same trip. And don't get mad when they have sex.
-You knew she was a slut so don't get mad when it goes down

3.Don't run out of your hiding spot if the killer can't see you.
-He can't see you! He doesn't know where আপনি are! Stay there and shut the hell up.

4.Don't start screaming to let the killer know where আপনি are.
-If your goal is to not be found then don't scream. That's like playing hide and seek and yelling out "I'm over here!"

5.(This is gonna be hard) Don't invite the hot guys from the football team
-They'll want to take আপনি out into the woods and you'll both die. Just say no.

6.Don't let everyone in the group get drunk অথবা high.
-Make sure at least one অথবা two people stay sober.

7.Don't go into the creepy house that has a background story to it.
-If আপনি know that there's house that people go into and they disappear then don't go in!

8.Don't go into the creepy graveyard
-It's weird enough that you're in a graveyard in the middle of the night. As soon as আপনি hear the নেকড়ে howl in the distance it's time to go.

9.Don't turn into a detective and go investigate when আপনি hear a noise
-NO! Absolutely not! If আপনি think there's a robber অথবা something in your house আপনি call the cops অথবা jump out of a window. আপনি do not go see with that is especially if you're unarmed.

10.Don't hide in a place where আপনি won't be able to run.
-You have to make sure আপনি can run if the killer comes to get you. If আপনি go into a closet অথবা under the বিছানা where are আপনি going to go? I feel like people who do that deserve to die because they chose a fucked up place to hide.

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posted by vampirer04
"Good morning mom." Ashley took a sip of her coffee.

"Morning." Ashley's mom flipped two প্যানকেকস over.

Ashley loved the sent of প্যানকেকস in the morning.

When the প্যানকেকস were ready, Ashley got a text.

She read it and noticed a huge fight was happening.

She ate her breakfast and headed out the door.

When she opened the door her friend was standing in from of her.

"Hey!" She acted hyper.

"Uh hi, Anything going on?" She asked her while raising her eyebrow.

Ashley closed the door and followed her friend.

"Where are we going Lily?" She asked trying to catch up with her.

"Leading আপনি to the fight idiot!"...
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posted by VoicesInMyHead
Disclaimer. I don't own anything but the question. May be SLIGHTLY offensive, I think, not sure, but VERY funny. Enjoy and PLEASE comment!!!

Q: name two benefits of having a general ledger.

A: 1. Well, a zombie soldier is pretty cool, but a CELEBRITY zombie soldier is AWESOME!!!!! no one can win aqainst a ZOMBIE!!!!!!! Plus who would want to hurt Heath, he's too freakin awesome!!!!!! So, any battle you're in, আপনি can't lose!!!!!!!

2. আপনি just KNOW his fangirls are gonna যোগদান your army! The sheer NUMBERS are gonna give আপনি an advantage!!!!!!! আপনি can't lose!!!!!!! You'd be INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!! WORLD DOMINATION IF আপনি WANT!!!!!!!!!

And those are two benefits of having a General Ledger!!!!!

Teacher's note: Genral ledger is a BUISSINESS term, NOT an idea to take over the world with an army of fangirls and celebrity zombies!
1)read something over and over that আপনি thing that think is funny that আপনি অথবা someone পোষ্ট হয়েছে on fanpop.
2)a nice cup of coffee.
3)a nice cup of hot coco.
4)a nice brakefast(sorry if mis spelled).
5)do something to make yourself laugh.
trust me i works to laugh your head off before আপনি go to school, work, cherch অথবা when your at প্রথমপাতা i just got মেটে রঙ্গবিশিষ্ট পাঠ করা a 100 times over what i পোষ্ট হয়েছে on an rp and it was funny i put the words "BONE HEAD" 10 times then put "YOU ARE HOPELESS!" and i'm still laughing my head off so it helps to at lest laugh to start your দিন off right
1.) write down "Alpha kenny body" on a piece of paper and get someone to read it pretending আপনি have no clue how to read it. (It sounds like they're saying I'll f*** anybody)

2.) Once again write on a piece of paper "I won a math debate" Now get someone to read this and tell them to say it 5 times fast!

This only works on people if আপনি get them to just say it out loud so don't let them read it in their heads first অথবা else they might figure it out.

I will not be held responsible if anyone gets offended অথবা if আপনি get into trouble for doing these!

- good luck :3
Doctor:Sir,I have bad news and worse news.Patient:What's the bad news?Doctor:You only have 24 hours to live.Patient:Well what could be WORSE than that?!Doctor:I've been trying to call আপনি since yesterday!

Maria:Kim,where's Kitty?Kim:I don't know,Maria.Maybe she's..Derek:Mom ব্যক্ত আপনি couldn't have a cat.Ooooh!I'm telling!Maria:Mom never ব্যক্ত I couldn't have a LION instead.Derek:WHAT?!*chewing and swallowing noises*Maria:Kitty,there আপনি are!

Yolanda:Come on,Sal.Let's play Hide-and-Seek!Sal:No,that's boring.Yolanda:We've got nothing better to do.Sal:FINE.I'll count!*after 20 seconds*Sal:READY অথবা NOT,HERE I CO-OME!YOLANDA WAS NOT FOUND UNTIL THREE DAYS LATER AT FUNZONE.Sal:YOLANDA!!I've been looking for আপনি FOREVER!Yolanda:Your right,Sal,Hide-and-Seek IS boring*slurps smoothie*Yolanda:Hey...is this icecream expired?
Wednesday 18 February 1996

My dad just got a call from his ex-wife, my mom, telling him that she's going to the hospital because she's going to give birth to a new baby born, a girl called: Me. Its kind of hard to come to this world without knowing how hard and difficult life could be, knowing as well that I'm not going to live like any normal child living with a real mom and dad. Here comes me, token in the hands of a women that should be my mom but, everything changed in a while .. My mom decided that she doesn't want me, she gave me to my dad and he gave me to his mom, my grandma .. Moving...
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posted by xoPixie-Popxo
Feel free to add some suggestions অথবা reasons! I may include them on here. :)

From Cartoonnetwork:

Regular Show:
-The অ্যানিমেশন is actually decent.
-Some characters are actually smart and use common sense

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
-It has a very weird (but cute) looking setting.
-A very fun and adventurous little cartoon (Hence the title, ADVENTURE Time.)

What I have to say to Cartoonnetwork: You're doing a rather decent job. Now let's get আরো কার্টুন like these.

From Nickelodeon:

Victorious (but slowly getting worse, like iCarly :/)
-Interesting and original characters
-Fun story...
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THIS IS NOT MINE. I got it from Tumblr. x)

The following is an actual প্রশ্ন প্রদত্ত on a বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় of Washington Chemistry mid-term:

The answer দ্বারা one student was so ‘profound’ that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well :

Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) অথবা endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle’s Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) অথবা some variant.

One student, however, wrote the following:

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posted by LUV_4_BIEBER
I find your smile অবিশ্বাস্য
Passion unsustainable
My হৃদয় beats faster and faster whenever your
Only to come to a cold stop when she passes by
My tears will go on forever
My smile isn’t real
And my হৃদয় is বিভক্ত করা in two
Every thought I ever had about আপনি are buzzing in my head
I pray one দিন i'll be under your arm
Holding your hand
স্নেহ চুম্বন your lips
I hope one দিন আপনি dry my tears
See right through my fake smile
And repair my broken heart