Elsa from ডিজনি প্রতীকী I've made with this 5-STEP-Required tutorial
I was thinking to share my knowledge of প্রতীকী making using Adobe Photoshop to my বন্ধু here in Fanpop. So I decided to write it down.

First of all, although every in Adobe Photoshop the tools placement are different, but the tools I'm using are common and I hope আপনি already know them. But don't worry, I also include the tools' shortcut. In this article, I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Let's begin!

STEP 1: Choose a picture আপনি want.

How to open an image: click 'File' and then click 'Open' অথবা a shortcut CTRL+O. আপনি can use any image from your computer.

STEP 2: Adjust the image আপনি use.

In order to make your প্রতীকী আরো beautiful, add your image's brightness অথবা contrast দ্বারা clicking 'Image' then click 'Adjustment' and click 'Brightness/Contrast'. It is up to আপনি whether আপনি want your প্রতীকী to be light অথবা dark, contrast অথবা less contrast.

Now, the colour of the image. আপনি can adjust it দ্বারা clicking 'Image' then 'Adjustment' and 'Hue/Saturation (CTRL+U)' অথবা 'Color Balance (CTRL+B)'. আপনি can adjust it into whatever আপনি like.

STEP 3: Crop the image using 'Crop Tool (C)'

Next, আপনি have adjusted your image, it's time for আপনি to crop it square. Click the box besides 'Width' then write down '200 px'. Do exactly the same thing to the right box besides 'Height'. আপনি can write any size আপনি want actually, but we are making an প্রতীকী now and I usually create a 200x200 px sized icon.

Drag your মাউস অথবা mousepad to crop it. আপনি can use the keypad too to সরানো the cropped area.


STEP 4: Decorate your icon!

Add a new layer দ্বারা clicking 'Create a new layer'. Click 'Layer 1'. That means আপনি are going to fill that layer.

Then click 'Brush Tool (B). আপনি are able to change the brush's size/hardness and even into other shape. আপনি can download new brushes in the internet. Don't get mistaken with 'Eraser Tool (E)'.

Change the brush colour too into any colour দ্বারা clicking 'Set foreground color' as আপনি like অথবা even the brush's shape into other form.

Then click the left button of your মাউস অথবা mousepad to add colour on your icon. আপনি can change the mode of the layer into 'Overlay', 'Hard Light', অথবা anything আপনি like.

আপনি can add another layer, add brush into your icon, and also change it's mode. If আপনি don't like it, আপনি can মোছা the layer দ্বারা clicking the 'dustbin' button besides the 'Create a new layer' button.

Save your icon. It's format will automatically turn into PSD.

STEP 5: Flatten your প্রতীকী and change it into JPG অথবা PNG format.

After আপনি have satisfied with your decoration, flatten your প্রতীকী দ্বারা clicking 'Layer' then 'Flatten Image. Then click 'File' and then click 'Save as... (SHIFT+CTRL+S)'. Change it's format. আপনি can change it into any format that are available in your Photoshop. প্রতিমূর্তি are usually formatted JPG অথবা PNG.

Do NOT save your প্রতীকী after আপনি have flattened it. অথবা else, আপনি will lose your added layers and it will be harder to re-edit in case আপনি want to.

*note: I added 'Vibrance' in my icon. Older versions from Adobe Photoshop CS5 have no 'Vibrance'. But that's no big deal to make your প্রতীকী lovely.

So, that is my secret on how to make a lovely প্রতীকী in an easy way! Try it and be as creative as আপনি can!