Ten doesn't quite cut it for me; so here are five আরো places that would be lovely to visit.


Greece is another country I discovered দ্বারা searching up its beaches. Greece is প্রথমপাতা to a পরাকাষ্ঠা sand সৈকত and I have always wanted to go to one of those. I was also very intrigued দ্বারা the beauty of Navagio beach.With it's alluring cliff and white sand.

If আপনি don't fancy a trip to the beach, Meteora seems like a fascinating place to try instead. It's basically a landscape straight out of ফ্যান্টাসি novels--with monasteries resting upon natural (and humongous) rock pillars.

Perhaps আপনি are afraid of heights, so passing that might be a good idea. In which case, Delphi would be a better choice. Delphi is a cluster of ruins and an old Greek theater. Something I'd imagine আপনি would do if আপনি want to experience a taste of ancient Greece. Edessa also seems like a beautiful place, it is প্রথমপাতা to many cascading waterfalls. From what I gathered (in my research of the place) it is sometimes called the 'Town of Water'. That's intriguing for me personally because I adore water. Amphipolis also seems enticing. The place features some pretty old looking statues and structures that really draw me in.

Greece also has some beautiful cities. আপনি can't talk about Greece without mentioning the pretty city of Crete. It's a very picturesque city with a charming layout and a nifty construction style.
Santorini, based solely on প্রতিমূর্তি is probably my পছন্দ Greek city. It has absolutely striking architecture.

I প্রণয় how the buildings are nestled on cliffs and over look the water. The blue domed buildings really pop and I like that windmill thing too. It was formed দ্বারা volcanoes and has some black sand beaches. Apparently the city is also a great place for some wine tasting.
Corfu is another city that stuck out to me. Not only is it very scenic, but apparently it is the প্রথমপাতা to a lot of neo-classical history. And it boasts wonderful Easter ceremonies.

The history, mythology, and traditions also have a hand in my longing to travel to Greece. As a child I was always fascinated দ্বারা stories like the Oddessy (of course I had the children's simplified version). So that definitely had a hand in drawing me in. Greece also have a few traditions that stand out to me, such as 'the epiphany'. If I've done my research right, this is a দিন where priests throw crosses into the water and the locals try to retrieve it to banish evil spirits. It would also be kickass to spend Easter in Greece where at midnight people go to the church with candles and the priest will light them all using his own flame. And then with the ash of their candles will make a sign of the ক্রুশ on their doors for luck.

Finally, I'd like to mention that I'd like to try some Greek gyro. I like American gyro, but would enjoy trying the real deal. Yemista also seems like an interesting choice that I might try.


Germany is a unique choice for me because it is on my তালিকা আরো for the cities than the scenery. Usually my choice is based on the picturesque greenery. I adore the half timbered houses. Ulm is one of the first cities that stands out to me for this. It has some very quint looking village with a few canals that remind me a bit of the Netherlands in a way. According to the little research I've put into Ulm was প্রথমপাতা to many fisherman and craftsmen during the medieval period and is known for its lovely churches and cathedrals.
Duisburg is another nifty city that is জনপ্রিয় with tourists. Personally it looks a bit too bustling for me (I prefer the smaller, country regions). However, as far as I've looked into, the hotels are pretty cheap! Which is clearly a plus. Not to mention the 'Witches leadership in Duisburg' tour seems intriguing--its a tour where আপনি get to learn about Duisburg's witch hunt. And the roller coaster stair case would be worth checking out.
Augsburg is one of Germany's oldest cities and also really fulfills my medieval aesthetic.
I think that my পছন্দ though is Nuremberg. It has the medieval atmosphere too and a beautiful view of the water.

Of course I must make note of the lush scenery. Breitnau and its Black Forest is one of my পছন্দ places in Germany so far. The view is absolutely breathtaking. I'd প্রণয় to go on a hike there. Between Breitnau and Saxon, Germany is just the stuff of fairy tales. No wonder so much of ডিজনি is based on Germany.

That right there should be enough to have a person packing their suitcases lol. It's very much like Greece's Meteora with its stony pillars and forests.
And of course, there's Lake Constance it also borders Austria and Switzerland. It's a beautiful blue among the green.

Germany also has it's share of culture and tradition that I find fascinating. For one thing Germany has produced some crazy amazing bands; they have Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizzare, Lafee, and Rammstien. সঙ্গীত aside, one tradition I am particularly fond of are the বড়দিন markets. Augsburg, Ulm, Bielefeld, and Breitnau's Ravanna Gorge have some of my favorites. Each one has it's own special charm. Ravanna Gorge captures me the most;

I cannot talk about German tradition without mentioning Oktoberfest. There's something that would be fun to part take in. It's a night of beer, yodelling, and leiderhosen. Talk about an experience. Another one that sticks out to me is (I know y'all are gonna be shocked here), Festival-Mediaval. Not only do আপনি get archery shows but this is also the largest সঙ্গীত festival for medieval rock. I think everyone knows দ্বারা now that I go hard to medieval music! Perhaps you'd like something quieter? Try Richard Wagner Festival. This is literally a festival about books. I like this festival.

German cuisine is also right up my alley. I'm a very picky eater but I've viewed lots of recipes that appeal to me. Rouladen (which is thinly sliced beef which is warped around bacon, onion, and pickles), Rote grutze (a pudding), and Wurst all appeal to me. But there are so many আরো German recipes worth checking out.

Oh and also Attack on Titan is based on Germany so that's a bonus.


Poland is a country that I've wanted to visit because I have polish blood in my family. I'm glad of that, because Poland is a pretty country. Zakopane for instance has some pretty mountains and bodies of water and is stunning in both winter and in the summer. Białowieża forest is a breathtaking sea of the greenest leaves and Krkonoše provides a sight of some interesting rock structures. Dunajec has to be one of my পছন্দ because I am a huge অনুরাগী of lakes and forests and this place has it both. But Ojców has captured me the most with its captivating scenery and assortment of caves.

Poland also as some lovely cities. Like the colorful Pozan. Gdańsk has a pretty canal. And Malbork has a wonderful castle.

One tradition that I found neat is Drowning of Marzanna where participants toss পুতুল of the pagan goddess of winter into the water and with her 'drowning' passes winter.

The Polish Easter seems cool too; they have such elaborate decorations. Wianki also seems cool; it's a summer holiday that includes concerts and fireworks. St Andrew's দিন seems cool too it's a night of fortune telling and superstition. But above all, All Saints Night perks my interest the most. It's like দিন of the dead and people bring candles and ফুলেরডালি and such to graveyards.

I really প্রণয় Polish food. My grandma has made a lot of it for me to try. Kolacky is my favorite; it's a type of cookie with a filling of jam. I'm also a অনুরাগী of Gołąbki. One that I'd like to try is 7. Kompot; to make it, "boiling fruits such as apples, plums, cherries, and berries (anything really, sometimes my mom throws in a stalk of rhubarb) in a vat of water and sugar."


Russia is a place I wanted to visit because--let's be honest--I প্রণয় the music. t.A.T.u, Serebro, Slot, tEMa, Witchcraft, and what not. I just প্রণয় Russian সঙ্গীত so I'm intrigued.

Aside from the সঙ্গীত I've seen pictures of Lake Baikal and I'd প্রণয় to see that in person during the wintertime. It's pretty much a breathtaking ফ্রোজেন wonderland.

In general Russia just has some picturesque spots. Dargavs for example is both spooky and beautiful. It is প্রথমপাতা to a cluster of gravestones clustered on a mountainside. It is known as a necropolis.

The Altai mountains are the largest in the Siberian range and opens up to some snazzy meadows and another stunning lake. Zapovednik is another location that caught my eye. It's one of those places that looks simply charming when winter rolls around. Kizhi Island, though is particularly grabbing to me. Not only does it have it's fair share of green but it also has this amazing church that's made of wood and with পেঁয়াজ domed roofs.
While man creates some pretty fine examples of architecture; nature has some of its own. In Russia, nature built the Lena pillars. A series of jagged rocks jutting up from the ground. It's one আরো location I'd প্রণয় to fix my camera on.

To go with the nature; Russia has some nifty cities. Moscow being the most famous--home to St. Basil’s Cathedral. But Moscow is আরো than that; it is also প্রথমপাতা to Red Square and Grand ক্রেমলিন Palace (a building with a splendid golden roof). It also has Grand ক্রেমলিন Palace and an assortment of bathhouses. Honestly there is so much to do in Moscow; this stuff doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Kazan is another neat place it is the location of the blue-domed, Qolşärif Mosque. As well as the Agricultural Palace and the Monument Dragon Zilant.
Another city is the beautiful Yaroslavl. Arkhangelsk is grand too, especially when winter rolls around. How about Khabarovsk, it's got some cool looking fountains. Ryazan and Kostroma are also worth checking out.

As mentioned before, I adore Russian music. In general I am captured দ্বারা Russian culture. For one thing; in the winter wonderland that is Russia, I would প্রণয় to get involved in a Russian Christmas. The Maslenitsa Festival also seems like a good time. It's a carnival with lots of food, color, and costume. Did I mention Maslenitsa is literally pancake week? And each দিন of the week has its own unique celebration. There's also the Stars of White Nights Festival--which is a very dazzling and elaborate ballet.

Above all I think I'd like to participate in St John the Baptist's day. A time of bonfires and water fights.

I would also like to try a Russian pancake considering that they have a whole week to celebrate them. Solyanka is a type of সুপ that I'd like to taste.


Last but not least is the charming Switzerland. The place I'd like most to go in Switzerland is Appenzell. Anyone remember that picture of the lonely house tucked into a super green mountain; the one usually captioned, "you get to live here but আপনি have to give up Facebook, would আপনি do it?" That image is from Appenzell. Appenzell is আরো than that house though; it has long stretches of scenic roads and plains. In some pics আপনি can see people actually walking a herd of cows down the road.

Wengen is my সেকেন্ড favorite. It is very much like Appenzell and is beautiful in both winter and summer. আপনি can see the waterfalls and take a trip on the cable-lines and get an aerial view of the mountains. Montreux (from what I hear) is the best place to go if আপনি want to get a taste of Swiss সঙ্গীত and culture. It has a খাবার museum and a bunch of castles.

Lake Constance is gorgeous too. The water looks so clear its surreal. Interlaken is stunning as well and is apparently very good for canyoning. There are so many waterfalls and the water looks so blue.

In terms of cities Thun is cool. It kinda reminds me of Germany with it's timbered houses. The Thun দুর্গ would be a thing to see. Basel seems nice too. I really like the bridge. Lugano is another place of interest that has a renaissance museum. It also has জলপাই Grove Trail. Zermatt is a city cradled in the mountains, it is optimal for skiing. Geneva is a city with lots to do; there's a water jet called Jet 'dEau. There's the ফুল clock. And the Chillon castle. And finally Rapperswil-Jona is a lovely place too.

Switzerland is the land of a few noteworthy traditions. For one they have a hot air balloon festival, where a whole bunch of them take to the sky. অথবা the Grindelwald Snow Festival is one in which people build gigantic snow and ice sculptures. Basel Fasnacht is pretty nifty too it takes place on the Monday after ash Wednesday. It has giant lanterns and crazy floats, pipe music, and carnival cliques. Zurich Festival has its share of সঙ্গীত too. Opera and dance among other things. Paléo Festival has six stages.

On শীর্ষ of the lovely scenery and festivals they have some neat foods too. For one I'd প্রণয় to taste some Swiss chocolate. Unfortunately the Swiss seem to like their cheese and y'all know that I hate cheese. So I don't know if Swiss খাবার is for me lol.

Of course I can never end it with a শীর্ষ 5. There are আরো countries I'd প্রণয় to see. These honorable mentions are South Korea, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Italy, and Bulgaria.