I find it extremely amusing that আপনি guys বিতর্ক about my gender. Fair enough, আপনি have never met me অথবা seen a picture of me [other than my hands অথবা arms]...
Honestly even then আপনি might have trouble lol. (Oh well) Here’s a story: two days after getting introduced to a friend of my friend’s, she was like “I apologize, but I am completely confused as to what gender আপনি are.” And I was like, “yeah easy mistake, trust me, it happens a lot.” (There’s আরো to the story but I’ll cut it here) this happens regularly... an$ I actually really appreciate how she appoched the situation, because many people will restort to rude মতামত (I think maybe the feel threatened when someone doesn’t fit to their norm, it may bring them discomfort in uncertainty) অথবা assumptions, অথবা mocking, and সামগ্রিক ignorance. (Also some people feel their perspection is threatened so much that they -older adults for example- see me as s9me sort of social flaw XD. Once I heard a kid ask 5here mom if I was a boy অথবা a girl, and the mother ব্যক্ত ‘shushh don’t ask those questions’ and then walked the kid away. হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ such a scary thing. Terrifing. Not knowing someone’s gender?! Worse thing ever! Such situations should be controlled and avoided to protect the young children, amirite? XD
(As for my amusement, I’ll admit I enjoy your abstract reasoning and debate... it’s funny when I see how close অথবা how far off people are.)
To be completely honest, I haven’t told আপনি guys for certain reasons. One being that I disagree with common gender stereotypes and LOTS to do with that sort of thing. Another would be that I find it quite interesting that despite never seeing me, আপনি have conclusions as to my gender, based on my interests, way of talking (apparently), personality, and style. That’s perfectly ok! I’d much rather people conclude based on personality than appearance.
I’ve read lots of social experiencements and th8ngs about how they way others see আপনি in your gender when আপনি are a ch8ld effects your personality and othe4 th8ngs too! I would l8ke to say that clothing and personal choices should be a reflection of yourself and your own style, how3ver that leads to other issues and debates in today’s society.
I’m also intrigued into what would happen if such things didn’t exist. Social Norms started way way back when and I believe that there might be a very necessary cause for them. Psychology states that humans need some sort of structure in their life, so I am absolutely not saying that these are a bad thing. Maybe we’ll know someday.
Of course, there is a stopping poin5 for everything, and especially in this da6 and age, when a situation comes to hand peo0le may get carried away... (casually hinting to the ‘how many genders issue’ here... not wanting to state any opinion except that দ্বারা science there are only two, discluding certain genetic and medical things. Also I want to reinforce the idea that I’ve mentioned on how as some say ‘feeling’ a certain way is আরো of a personality thing)
I’d like to say that I deeply agree with personal expression,(I do actually) but funny enough, eventually this idea of everyone’s uniqueness ironically becomes... uniformal. Lol
So in a way I’ve been semi testing আপনি on your reactions. Hahaha...
At some point I might reveal that, if I want to. Who knows?

I like watching your confusion on my gender, and I’m not gonna tell আপনি just yet.