Here is a তালিকা of embarrassing situations that have probably happened to আপনি at least once! Situations where আপনি may have turned bright red!

আপনি are chewing some gum and all of a sudden..the gum gets a life of its own and jumps from your mouth! This is especially bad if আপনি are talking to someone when it happens.

How about this one? Running right into a door that is closed, like one of those glass sliding doors. আপনি would be surprised how often this happens. It could leave আপনি with a sore nose too!

This one is silly but it happens! আপনি re-send one of those silly chain-mails because আপনি are so afraid that if আপনি don't, something horrible will happen to you.

And finally, at 8am in your first class of the day, আপনি feel really sleepy and আপনি accidentally fall fast asleep in class. The teacher never likes that one much, especially if আপনি snore.

How many of these have happened to you?