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 A colour word test
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Now let see how great আপনি are? :D
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posted by MarMar_XigLux
What Being a Retard Online can do for You

Being a retard online will bring আপনি riches beyond your wildest dreams, hot girls and above all - attention: আপনি crave attention, আপনি absorb it like a wet sponge...Ah yes, আপনি may very suffer from ADHD but it doesn't matter: no my friend, because দ্বারা being a retard online আপনি can get all the attention আপনি need for a small fee.

Poor Literacy is Kool!

If আপনি want to be a retard আপনি must learn to spell like one, remember kids - poor literacy is cool! First of all we must take a lesson from the Image comics of old and remember that everything must be EXTREME!...
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posted by ultimatefredde
1. Guys for gods sake, dont pretend being something আপনি aren´t girls have a sixth sense we don´t have and find out sooner অথবা later

2. Dance!

3.Flirt, they aren´t the only ones who should do this.

4.Tell her what আপনি really enjoy in life

5.Help them out when needed.

6.Avoid playing those "Gay games" with your pals, it´s just not right

7.avoid grabbing your "parts" on public. Really.

8.Be original, with gifts, don´t just give flowers, অথবা take her to dinner, also sometimes a card অথবা a simple walk in the park is good to try

9.Be romantic and take shyness away

10. Express your feelings, আপনি wont die...
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posted by ilovetowrite
1-Accept that it's already happened to you. It's your life history now. আপনি can never changed the past but আপনি must accept it with new belief that future could be better and try to আরো be focused on the future. Leave the past behind so সরানো on. Remember, life always has ups and downs.

2-Cry as long as আপনি want until আপনি feel tired and bored. Do not hold up the tears. After আপনি cry, আপনি go to look yourself in front of a mirror and say this many times till আপনি feel energized again. Don't forget to say it with your style, "I am a winner and passed, you're just a loser."

3-Watch some funny videos...
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posted by টারমার২০
Have আপনি ever wanted to annoy someone so bad that they want to kill you? Then this প্রবন্ধ is right for you! Hahaha. আপনি know I've tried most of them and it does work. :P

1. Use potty humor. Announce to them that আপনি have to go to the bathroom, and that আপনি think that they should go too, as they have been holding it in for quite a while. When they do go to the bathroom, call out to them things like: "Are আপনি doing okay in there?". To make it even আরো annoying, if there are other people in the bathroom, proudly announce to them: "My friend is in there," pointing at the bathroom stall. When you...
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posted by merlinfanatic
Welcome to The Weakest Link.

Here is a very simple little test comprised of four প্রশ্ন to determine the level of your intellect.
Your উত্তর must be spontaneous and immediate, with no deliberating অথবা wasting time.
And NO CHEATING. On your mark, set....GO!!!

1: আপনি are competing in a race, and overtake the runner in সেকেন্ড place.
In which position are আপনি now?

If আপনি answered that you're now coming first then you're completely wrong. আপনি overtook the সেকেন্ড runner and took their place, therefore you're coming second.

For the পরবর্তি প্রশ্ন try not to be so dumb.
2 : If আপনি overtake the last...
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previously on the Evil Teddy Bear: Tina Unlocked the door to their house and they all walked inside then Peter put the Teddy ভালুক on the self after that they all got hungery so Tina went to the shops to get some খাবার while Peter and Jenni were playing Uno they heard a crash in the রান্নাঘর and ran over there they got a big shock when they saw how messy the রান্নাঘর was when Tina got প্রথমপাতা she saw what the রান্নাঘর was like and she got a big shock herself then while they all were thinking of a plan to see who did this to their প্রথমপাতা the Teddy ভালুক was hiding in the রান্নাঘর cupboard as it chuckled...
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I bet আপনি can't keep up with this oneshot.

I was walking down the road when I triped on a napkin. I know. a napkin right? but it was a wet napkin and for some reson my sidewalk is made of tial. so I slid on the napkin and bumped into the worst thing ever. Barney. Why barney was there I don't know. Barney started গান গাওয়া so I shot him. But then cops came. But they giggled like little girls and shot barney them selfs. They then ব্যক্ত they would give me a ride. but then I found out one of the cops was that like 12 বছর old boy who drove the car in rebecca...
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I was scrolling across deviantART, and came across this HIGHLY shocking news that everyone needs to know about right now!

We all know about copyright infringement and the numerous laws preventing us from using copyrighted material. Some sites and companies take these things very seriously if আপনি do not have permission from ব্যক্ত company. But there are sites and companies that's only ask that আপনি give credit where credit is due. Thankfully like DA.

Now, over the past few days I have just been strolling thru the Internet, visiting some of my fav sites to chill on, and every site has been posting...
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posted by Thecharliejay
100 Ways to Annoy People
1.Get to know a বন্ধু bookie and place bets for them. Insist on keeping half of any money they win.
2.Accuse people of "glue sniffing addictions" in public.
3.Call other people "Champ" অথবা "Tiger.". Refer to yourself as "Coach."
4.Drum on every available surface.
5.Sing the ব্যাটম্যান theme incessantly.
6.Staple papers together in the middle of the page.
7.Ask 1-800 operators for dates.
8.Produce a rental video consisting entirely of dire FBI copy warnings.
9.Sew anti-theft detector strips into people's backpacks.
10.Hide dairy products in inaccessible places.
11.Insist on giving...
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posted by chattycandy
Guys don't actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls.

Guys hate flirts.

A guy can like আপনি for a minute, and then forget আপনি afterwards.

When a guy says he doesn't understand you, it simply means you're not thinking the way he is.

"Are আপনি doing something?" অথবা "Have আপনি eaten already?" are the first usual প্রশ্ন a guy asks on the phone just to get out from stammering.

Guys may be flirting around all দিন but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.

When a guy really likes you, he'll disregard all your bad characteristics....
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posted by x-menobsessed26
Useful Hawaiian Phrases
On the Plane
My how your perfume fills the entire cabin!
'A'ala maoli keia wahi o kakou i kau wai 'ala kuikawa!

If I snore, I would like to apologize in advance
Ke nono au, e kala mua mai, i keia manawa ho'i.

I am filled with admiration for my in-flight meal
Kahaha ko'u na'au i ke 'ano o ka mea 'ai ma keia mokulele.

Only six dollars for a headset? Why thats only three dollars per ear!
Eono kala no ka ho'olohe lekio? 'O ia ho'i, 'ekolu wale no kala o kahi pepeiao!

Baby, Severe Turbulance is my middle name
E ku'u kumu e, mai hopohopo, ua kapa 'ia ko'u inoa waena, 'o ia 'o Severe...
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posted by WildTiger
GIrls only (or gay guys..) yea both So আপনি have to read this now....haha for girls eyes only here all girls! নমস্কার girls! IF YOU'RE A BOY, LEAVE THIS CUZ IT RUINS EVERYTHING GIRL TALK: Did আপনি know স্নেহ চুম্বন is healthy. It's good to cry. Chicken সুপ actually makes আপনি feel better. 94% of boys would প্রণয় it if আপনি sent them flowers. Lying is actually unhealthy. Only apply mascara to your শীর্ষ lashes. It's actually true, boys DO insult আপনি when they like you! 89% of guys want আপনি to make the 1st move. Ya but 99.99% of girls want guys to make the first move. চকোলেট will make আপনি feel better! Most...
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posted by BlackSunshine
Something I got in an e-mail. Still pretty funny. Especially since I've done a few...

1. When arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, and then act embarrassed when they open দ্বারা themselves.

2. Greet everyone getting on the elevator with a warm handshake and ask them to call আপনি Admiral.

3. On the highest floor, hold the door open and demand that it stay open until আপনি hear the penny আপনি dropped down the shaft go "plink" at the bottom.

4. Do Tai Chi exercises.

5. Stare, grinning, at another passenger for a while, and then announce: "I've got new socks on!"

6. Meow occasionally....
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posted by TruBerries
Reminder: Please don't misunderstand my tone when I write things. If I were being smart অথবা yelling, I'd be killing the স্মারক right now(lol) but I'm just being real. That's just who I am.

All right, it seems as though every মাস there's someone posting a picture of themselves in a প্রশ্ন asking 'am I pretty', 'rate me from 1-10', অথবা whatever and I must admit, it's extremely annoying. ফ্যানপপ is not the place to be posting pictures of yourselves on here knowing that everyone's পরিলেখ is vulnerable for the taking. I mean it's your decision if আপনি want to do that, but I believe it's not safe...
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posted by smileypop9
Million has 6 zeros
Billion has 9 zeros
Trillion has 12 zeros
Quadrillion has 15 zeros
Quintillion has 18 zeros
Sextillion has 21 zeros
Septillion has 24 zeros
Octillion has 27 zeros
Nonillion has 30 zeros
Decillion has 33 zeros
Undecillion has 36 zeros
Duodecillion has 39 zeros
Tredecillion has 42 zeros
Quattuordecillion has 45 zeros
Quindecillion has 48 zeros
Sexdecillion has 51 zeros
Septendecillion has 54 zeros
Octodecillion has 57 zeros
Novemdecillion has 60 zeros
Vigintillion has 63 zeros
Googol has 100 zeros.
Centillion has 303 zeros (except in Britain, where it has 600 zeros)
Googolplex has a googol of zeros
Gazillion has 86430 zeros
posted by nikki5516
Your BFF become your worst enemies. Lollipops turn into cigarettes. The innocent ones turn into sluts. Homework goes in the trash. Cell phones are used in class. Detention becomes suspension. Soda becomes vodka. Underwear turn into thongs. Kisses turn into sex….Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground? When protection meant wearing a helmet? When the worst things আপনি could get from boys were cooties? When dad's shoulders were the highest place on earth and mom was your hero? Race issues were about who ran the fastest, war was only a card game অথবা a made up fairytale in your...
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posted by JoannaVonDoom
Im sorry if this has been পোষ্ট হয়েছে before
If not, do not give me credit

1. Sing the ব্যাটম্যান theme incessantly.

2. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sensual massage."

3. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go."

4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with বন্ধু in public consisting entirely of "Beeeep Bip Bip Beeep Bip..."

5. If আপনি have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others.

6. Amuse yourself for endless hours দ্বারা hooking a ক্যামকোর্ডার to your TV and then pointing it at the screen.

7. Speak only in a "robot" voice.

8. Push all the flat...
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নমস্কার guys, found some interesting and strange facts, some are just facts I have known a long time ago(school, wandering around websites), others are ones that I have found, I apply the উৎস if available. Any others আপনি may want to add up feel free to do so. Enjoy!

1) Coca-cola was once green.
It was green because it was accidentally carbonated when a clerk squirted syrup into the wrong glass.

2)Barbie doll measurements if she were life size: 39-23-33. Wow... she's cut from the team.

3)Intelligent people have আরো zinc and copper in their hair. *Checks... Woot!

4)You blink about 84 million times...
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1) wacg alote of T.V. অথবা be on the computer a long time
2) don't eat খাবার that can make আপনি sleepy
3) drink a lot of soda অথবা crush
4) gety near load stuff অথবা equipment
5) kepp your lights on
6) try not to close your eyes at a late ঘন্টা
7) don't lay down
8) wach a scary movie
EX: Cucky Nightmare on elms রাস্তা orphan
10) eat choclat and other stuff to make আপনি hiper

those are some ways to stay up till midnight on New years eve.

plz writ a commet to tell me what আপনি did on the list

posted by kitkat709477
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