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posted by MJangellover
Almost everyone now uses the internet.In Europe,the number of link letters is three times less than ten years পূর্বে because,nowadays,we all use e-mail to communicate with each other.Although technology behind the computer is very hard,it is very easy to use the internet.In fact ,you don't have to know anything about computers to be able to use the internet .All আপনি need is a computer and the World Wide Web;a system that stores information from computers all over the world.

There is nothing the internet doesn't have information about.You can find out about different books,films,sports অথবা anything...
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posted by MJangellover
1-a phone conversation between Mr Wong and Mr Davis:
Mr Wong:Hello Mr Davis
Mr Davis :who is speaking?
Mr Wong :this is Jack Wong from barking , east england .
Mr Davis:oh, yes. thank আপনি for ringing
Mr Wong : how is the hotel?
Mr Davis:Oh,it is fine.,can আপনি tell me about the arrangements for tomorrow?
Mr Wong : yes ,sir .I'll pick আপনি up at eight o'clock at your hotel
Then,I'll take আপনি to the office to Meet Mr Michael.Is that OK,sir?
Mr Davis : Yes that's OK, but I need to check out the deal before taking me there ,Is That working?
Mr Wong :yes,sir. With a lot of pleasure
Allex: Miss Carey, where are we going to perform our play?
Miss Carey On the stage in the school theatre.
Allex/Mady/Ed/Nicki: Wow!
Nicki: Are we going to wear costumes?
Miss Carey: Oh, yes! And we're going to have scenery and props, too.
Ed: Have we got scripts? We must learn our words.
Miss Carey: I've got one copy os the script. We need ten copies.
Allex: I can make copies, Miss Carey.
Mady: We can help you!
Ed: Here's the photocopier.
Mady: Put the script in here and press these buttons.
Allex: OK. We need ten copies. 1..0...
Nicki: It isn't working. Try again.
Allex: OK. 1...0... Is it broken?
Ed: Did আপনি press the start button?
Mady: Press it now.
Nicki: Oh no! What's happening?
Ed: It's making too many copies.
Allex: 1...0...1...0... It's making one thousand and ten!
posted by invadercalliope
At james madison
TODAY at the girls locker room my friend
Tamarra (shes a smal ugly miggit XD) and her bf
(who is pretty cute and tall) Who went into the girls lockr room and i keept repeating
"Get Out Get Out" tamara ব্যক্ত "no he can stay" and then he kissed her and left.
so then i keept repeating A চুম্বন :3 A KISS
Tamarra: it was just a kiss
me: :3 A KISS
tamarra: SHUT UP
me: A চুম্বন :3
Tamarra: SHUT THE F*** UP
me: A KISS
me: nyuu......

Well the বিবরণ of this story is i was so adorable that দিন X3
posted by ShiningsTar542
If আপনি want to get a professional look when আপনি do your make-up then আপনি need to make sure that আপনি are using the right set of tools!

It is not possible to blend in your eyeshadow if আপনি are not using the right sort of brush. Every look and product needs its own brush. If আপনি look at what the professionals use, they have a brush for everything! Some brushes are for blending while others are for precise moves.

You don't need to have a thousand brushes, but আপনি should have a good selection in your make-up kit.

Large brush for powder and liquid cover-up: The name says it all. This large brush is...
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everyone is beautiful in their own way.

just because আপনি প্রণয় someone else doesn't mean আপনি have to break one আরো heart.

everybody's life is different, so don't try to live someone else's life.

it doesn't matter how আপনি look at the outside, look at the inside and find your real beauty.

life is never the same, আপনি can't take whats not yours away.

believe in yourself and never give upon your dreams.

if আপনি dont express your talents you'll be known as no one.

life is precious with who your with, not with who আপনি want to be with.

why be who your not, when আপনি can enjoy being who আপনি are.

if আপনি let yourself down, আপনি let everyone behind আপনি down.

your first প্রণয় will alwats be around, no matter what.
posted by shutyourface
so i ব্যক্ত
and he ব্যক্ত
so i said
and he ব্যক্ত
so i ব্যক্ত
and he said
so i ব্যক্ত
and he ব্যক্ত
so i ব্যক্ত
and he said
what do আপনি want from me
and i said



A কলা

please write a quote because i worked so hard

and i প্রণয় this
i wish it could be a great seller









but the কলা died so i can't eat it so i chucked it away

so goodbye banana

how যেভাবে খুশী was that so rate it out of ten

i also write stuff on lady gaga

when that অ্যাঞ্জেল sits on my shoulder
whispers into my হৃদয়
a peace , a harmony
a bliss feeling of out of control
the অ্যাঞ্জেল appears to আপনি in form of desire
আপনি float along with the force of ...
আপনি jump about
cos আপনি cant sit down
the power of jolly drunk without the drink
the power to make others happy
this অ্যাঞ্জেল with her good intensions
will make আপনি fly
the অ্যাঞ্জেল will make আপনি cry
the অ্যাঞ্জেল will make আপনি feel how others feel
so আপনি can empathise
and be ver wise in emotionial terms
theres an internal war
between the অ্যাঞ্জেল and the death
they fight feroususly
but they dont even relise
they have both already হারিয়ে গেছে
"Well it was near the end of summer and I hanging with the gang (Dean the leader of the gang ,Spike সেকেন্ড in command ,Spike's girl Vicky ,Rat (yes that his real name his parents are weird),Ian and Matthew (the twins ) and Jess my best friend since kindergarten .)So here we are do are normal thing Dean flirting with me ,the twins fighting as
always ,Jess talking nonstop about a movie no one seen অথবা ever heard of .All the sudden Jess's girlfriend Kayla (she been trying to get in the gang but she annoying so she not ) runs up yelling her own brains out about something ."Honey
what wrong ?"asks...
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posted by orangeturnip
i would like to express how i feel about one of this worlds most beutiful creations.

things i like about eyes
i like the colours
i like eyes from all animials
i like when আপনি can catch someone out when there lie'in

i like the fact আপনি can see out of them
but i also like that আপনি can see into them

when আপনি look at eyes , your looking through the portal to someones soul

you can see how someone truely feels , even if they dont know it themselves

if someone is is happy ,sad অথবা angry অথবা a mixture of a multitude of expressions even the আরো complex ones like প্রণয় and lust

without my eyes my world would...
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posted by desmariemay
Hello thank আপনি for reading.This is about a 13 বছর old dog named Maxie.Maxie has হৃদয় worms and is suffering and living outside alone.Maxie lives with my grandaw who is alergis but took Maxie in any ways.She got another dog Meme and Maxie had হৃদয় worms and Meme died when i was 4 cause she couuldent fight it:'(.But Maxie suvived.They bought another dog named Sarah and sarah got হৃদয় worms and died but Maxie was alive sah died when i was 9 and i am 10 now.please rite a commet.But not to me,to Maxie and please আপনি better hurry,Maxie probly wont live long so please wirte quickly.

Here is a picture of here below......
posted by lexie2635
This one is longer

Alice's POV

I grabbed my lunch and sat down with my best বন্ধু Bree, Alexyss and Jackie.

“So who was your pen pal?.” Bree asked.

“Some kid named Charlie Patterson”

“Hmm Ali, he sounds hot” Alexyss said.

“Ohh yeah,imagine dating a guy with the same accent as Robert Pattinson” Jackie replied back.

“Guys আপনি know I don’t have time for any boys, SO STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM!”I ব্যক্ত as I got up and walked awayAfter what happen between me and Jake, I just couldn’t trust any guy anymore.

The last ঘণ্টা rung and it was time to leave.

“Catch আপনি on fanpop”...
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added by missing_99
Source: humortrain.com
Ok so we all hear প্রণয় stories, but this one is special. Ok so lets start the story. Ok the was a girl named Marie and she was in 10th grade so one দিন she was walking in the halls with her বন্ধু and then BUMP! She ran into Noah(her crush) she blushes then says "I'M SOOOOO SORRY NOAH!!!"Then Noah says "It's ok" then my friend(Sarah) ব্যক্ত in Marie's ear "Someone likes Noah." Then Marie ব্যক্ত "SHUT IT!!!!!" Then Noah ব্যক্ত "Well bye Marie see ya in science." Then Marie ব্যক্ত "Ya bye" He grins and waves. Marie walks to science class then sat দ্বারা Noah. Then Noah said"Hey Marie" then she says "Hi"....
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added by superDivya
added by tanyya
Age - 18
Gender - female
বন্ধু - Palau, Fiji, Nauru (me), Marshall Islands
Personality - bossy
Her যেভাবে খুশী symbol - †

Age - 19
Gender - Female
বন্ধু - Tuvalu, Australia NZ, Nauru (sister)
Personality - nice
Her যেভাবে খুশী symbol - ♦

Nauru (me)
Age - 30's
Gender - Female
বন্ধু - EVERYONE!!
Personality - creepy
Her যেভাবে খুশী Symbol - ♣

Age - secret
Gender - male
বন্ধু - Australia, Kiribati (younger sister), Cook Islands
Personality - VERY NICE
His যেভাবে খুশী Symbol - ‡

Tonga (Tonga66, the only user I know আরো than আপনি all because she is my sister)
Age - 24
Gender - female
বন্ধু - EVRYONE
Personality - SUPER FRIENDLY
Her যেভাবে খুশী sister - ♥