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 Red lightning and blood moon.
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posted by phangirl2009
Chapter 1
I kept my eyes half closed even though I was awake. I had a full visual of what was going on around me and sadly, that meant my foster mother, Mrs. Lovett waking me up.
    “Emily, Emily,” she repeated in a sweet tone. This would have have made any other gal happy except I knew this would be over to soon.
    “I’m awake!” I yelp out smiling. Her wicked smile always made me happy.
    “Guess what? There’s good news.”
    “Have আপনি ever noticed good news...
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Being locked in a walk-in closet must get boring...

Somethings to do to pass time;

- ক্রুশ dress.

- Make faces in the mirror.

- Make a mannequin out of something, dress it up, and throw a চা party.

- See how long আপনি can walk in the most uncomfortable shoes.

- Dress in the opposite of your style.

- Try to touch the ceiling.

- [Like a pile of leaves] Make a pile of clothes and run and dive into it.

- See which clothes are edible.

- See if আপনি find anything misc. that really just shouldn't be in a closet.

- If আপনি do, lay it all out and try to see what it does.

- Make ropes দ্বারা tying shirts/pants/dresses together, and hang them from the ceiling, and দোল from one to another, yelling like Tarzan.

- Reorganize দ্বারা colour.
posted by ilovepenguins
1) If প্রণয় is blind, then why is there lingerie?
2) Why are they called "apartments" if they are all connected?
3) Should আপনি believe a chronic liar if he admits that he is a chronic liar?
4) Did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons?
5) Why is it that সারমেয় প্রণয় to hang their head out of the car window, but will get mad at আপনি if আপনি blow in their face?
6) If all the world is a stage, where is the audience?
7) If a বৃক্ষ falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?
8) If pro is the opposite of con, then wouldn't congress be the opposite of progress?
9) If the পঁচকোণ were...
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posted by jedigal1990
okay i decided to write an প্রবন্ধ to grip about things on here that really bug me if আপনি don't like it deal with it

okay number one grip
- i know i already wrote an প্রবন্ধ about this but my number one gripe on here is people posting twilight আবর্জনা on this spot and other nontwilight spots seriously and then আপনি wonder why we get upset believe it অথবা not some of us don't like twilight so সরানো on and keep it where it belongs thats all i will say about that

second gripe
- people who complain about people's bad grammer অথবা spelling we are not in a fucking english class so who cares stop bugging...
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posted by Shelly_McShelly
1) Have an uncontrollable lusting for someone else every five minutes.

2) Pretend to be from different ethnic backgrounds every hour.

3) Improvise Italian operas.

4) Gossip about someone to their face.

5) Answer every প্রশ্ন with a question.

6) Repeat yourself constantly.

7) Act like a member of the opposite sex.

Cool Repeat yourself constantly.

9) Act like Mr. Flanders from The Simpsons.

10) Repeat yourself constantly.

11) Change what আপনি repeat every now and then.

12) Use homonyms in your e-male that the spell cheque would knot sea as miss steaks.

13) Change what আপনি repeat every now and then.

14) Talk...
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1. "Remove the plastic wrapper." -- The first instruction on a bag of microwave popcorn; to see the instructions, one first has to remove the plastic wrapper and unfold the pouch.

2. "Take one capsule দ্বারা mouth three times daily until gone." -- On a box of pills.

3. "Open packet. Eat contents." -- Instructions on a packet of airline peanuts.

4. "Remove wrapper, open mouth, insert muffin, eat." -- Instructions on the packaging for a মাফিন at a 7-11.

5. "Use like regular soap." -- On a bar of Dial soap.

6. "Instructions: usage known." -- Instructions on a can of black pepper.

7. "Serving suggestion:...
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posted by patrisha727
A typical American eats 28 pigs in his/her lifetime.

Americans eat 20.7 pounds of ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট per person annually. The Dutch eat three times as much.

Americans spend approximately $25 billion each বছর on beer.

Americans spent an estimated $267 billion dining out in 1993.

An etiquette writer of the 1840's advised, "Ladies may wipe their lips on the tablecloth, but not blow their noses on it."

Aunt Jemima pancake flour, invented in 1889, was the first ready-mix খাবার to be sold commercially.

Caffeine: there are 100 to 150 milligrams of caffeine in an eight-ounce cup of brewed coffee, 10 milligrams...
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posted by moo000
1. Wait for a rainy day. Por paper confetti into sombodys closed umbrella and wait for them to go outside and open it.

2. Use a pin to prick a hole near the শীর্ষ of sombodys drinking straw.

3. Find an old rag. Put a coin on the floor and stand near by. When people come along and try to pick up the coin rip the rag so they think they have torn their pants.

4. When a friend is drinking a can of something fizzy, wait untill they are not looking and poor in some sugar. The sugar will make the drink froth up and poor out of the can.

5. Keep sending your frends on fool's erands. - this means asking them...
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Tell the widow that the deceased's last wish was that she make প্রণয় with আপনি
Tell the undertaker that he can't close the coffin until আপনি find your contact lens.
Punch the body and tell people that he hit আপনি first.
Tell the widow that you're the deceased's gay lover.
Ask someone to take a snapshot of আপনি shaking hands with the deceased.
At the cemetery, play taps on a kazoo.
Walk around tellin people that you've seen the will and they're not in it.
Ask the widow to give আপনি a kiss.
Drive behind the widow's limo and keep honking your horn.
Tell the undertaker that your dog just died and ask...
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Okay so here's Part 2 :)

Name: Keir O'Donnell (Actor)
From: Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Character: Veck
Attraction: Just everything - he's very beautiful

Name: Tom Chambers (Actor)
From: Waterloo Road
Character: Max Tyler
Attraction: His lovely eyes


Name: Jack ডেবেন্পোর্ৎ (Actor)
From: Pirates Of The Caribbean 1-3
Character: James Norrington
Attraction: His smile and actually just him in general - he's like a prince lol

Name: Jonas Armstrong (Actor)
From: Robin Hood
Character: Robin Hood
Attraction: His cheeky smile and I like his accent too

Name: Ed Westwick (Actor)
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posted by KitkatKaysa
(Before we start I would just like to point out that this is how to get CLEARER skin. I'm not promising that you’re going to get clear skin, because technically nobody has perfectly clear skin).

So if you’re পাঠ করা this প্রবন্ধ আপনি either want to achieve and maintain clearer skin অথবা you’re just really bored.

First off let's start out with the basics....

Of course আপনি should cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin 1-2 times daily.

-A cleanser is what cleans your skin. It removes the dirt, oil and makeup off your skin. Be sure to not wash your face আরো then twice a day, unless আপনি were...
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Here is some interesting facts on the people who really have an impact on the world - digital অথবা not - as we know it.

Bill Gates

1977, the বছর he would have graduated from Harvard if he hadn't dropped out. He was 22 at the time. Bill Gates currently has a personal wealth estimated at a net worth of $42 billion dollars.

The Wright Brothers

Neither of the inventors of the airplane received high school diplomas. Orville, the younger brother, dropped out of high school in his junior বছর to open a printing business. Wilbur completed his four years of high school, but due to a family move, never received...
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