I am a sucker for this movie its one of my favourites of the decade as its got everything in it from romance to comedy to adventure.Here are the reasons why I প্রণয় these two.

#1 There funnyI must say I প্রণয় there humour because Eugene (who started off calling himself Flynn Rider)was a mischievous young man who really had a হৃদয় of স্বর্ণ at the back of it and he had a great sense of humor.Rapuznel on the other hand was very feisty and doesn’t have a great sense of humour like Eugene yet she made me laugh with the frying pan.Funniest quote: Eugene: At lone at last Rapunzel(whacks him across the head with a frying pan and screams).Or
Rapunzel: So what brought আপনি here Flynn Rider faith destiny.Eugene(who was going as Flynn at the time):A horse.

#2They make us want to believe in dreams and being freeI প্রণয় how Eugene made Rapunzel’s dream come true দ্বারা taking her to see the lanterns and she was his dream as he never had anyone in his life before since he met Rapunzel and he fell for her. The moral to this film I think is all about dreams and never trust strangers who make out that they are related to আপনি and that one দিন আপনি can make your own choices in life.

#3There completely differentEugene Fitzherbert has to be one of the hottest ডিজনি males ever since Tarzan in my opinion as his so gorgeous and very handsome. He starts off as this cocky thief who doesn’t give a damn about anyone,Rapunzel on the other hand is rather childish and smart yet she’s very strong headed as she stands up to a woman who was pretending to be her mother for 18 years, she even brought back her true প্রণয় from the dead(yeah I know when I saw that scene I thought it was bizarre but I liked it). Btw she was so crazy in the beginning I think she had bipolar LOL.

#4The voice actors were brilliant

Mandy Moore was terrific in this movie I must say she was brilliant as the গান গাওয়া voice/speaking voice of Rapunzel. She really brought her character to life. Zachary Levi (omg this guy is cute) I must admit this is the first movie I saw him in(well I saw him in Big Momma house II but I didn’t pay much attention to him and I saw one episode of Chuck which I am now starting to watch on TV)and he was very funny in this movie. I laughed every time he starts saying things like oh I could get used to a view like this অথবা আপনি should know that this is the strangest thing I have ever done LOL. Plus I never knew he was a singer(please will somebody give this guy a record deal already his got an amazing গান গাওয়া voice). Btw he looks a lot like his character (minus the goatee beard and the hairstyle).

#5The challenges they face in the movieWhat I mean দ্বারা saying this is that they faced a lot of stuff together from Rapunzel escaping her tower for the first time in 18 years to Eugene getting stabbed in the stomach দ্বারা Mother Gothel and dying for like 30 সেকেন্ড etc. Plus Eugene changed a lot from being a thief to becoming a prince in the end(or is he a duke idk which LOL).

Favourite moments
*Rapunzel meeting Eugene Fitzherbert for the first time was hilarious. I laughed so hard every time Eugene climbed up the tower and ব্যক্ত Alone at last and gets hit over the head with a frying pan LOL.

*The lantern scene was beautiful I adore that scene and the song is so beautiful I always hum that song in my head.

* The campfire scene was cute as they were starting to fall for each other.

*The part where they get trapped in the mines was nice(ok I admit it)because Eugene tells Rapunzel that his real name was Eugene not Flynn Rider as he was embarrassed with his real name.

*Eugene’s death scene was so sad I admit it I started bawling every time he say to Rapunzel ‘you were my new dream’ if I was her I would have told him not to be so stupid and that আপনি are going to survive. Its even আরো emotional than the 1991 movie Beauty & the Beast with Beast dying and Belle crying and saying Please don’t leave me I প্রণয় you.

*Their first চুম্বন OMG how cute was that চুম্বন eh it was so passionate and cute. I প্রণয় Eugene’s reaction when Rapunzel starts laughing and স্নেহ চুম্বন Eugene its like he didn’t expect it at all.

*The almost dance scene was so cute I wanted them to dance.

*The almost স্নেহ চুম্বন scene on the নৌকা part of me wanted Sebastian to pop up and sing চুম্বন the girl while Eugene was trying to make his first সরানো on Rapunzel it was so darn cute.

*The wedding scene was so cute and nice I adore that moment where Eugene takes Rapunzel’s tiara and she’s like give it here Eugene and his like no brownie no way and she drags him almost to the floor and looks at him in a funny way and kisses him while he puts the tiara back on her head. Ahw how cute.