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JUST TO SAY SO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is about the Manga. NOT THE ANIME! The জীবন্ত is pretty much broken, so the only thing that can save it is a reboot, which I don't see happening until, like, ever.
This is about the ENDING of the MANGA! If আপনি haven't read it yet, and choose to read this anyway, DON'T POST IN THE মতামত SAYING I RUINED EVERYTHING FOR YOU, cuz I won't care that আপনি refused to pay attention to my simple directions.

Now, to begin. We have no idea what happened to Fairy Tale, but obviously, they didn't get beat up enough the first time, and they came back. Of course, they are...
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posted by mikeb1082
I ended up লেখা a completely original story aside from my current capu3 অনুরাগী fiction and thought i'd post it here. If আপনি havent read my first 'episode' for my capu3 fanfic, then আপনি should. it should be the প্রবন্ধ right under this one so read that and this. both will be continued to a minimum of 13 'episodes' so I hope আপনি guys enjoy it :) i'll continue this অনুরাগী fiction story for a little bit but without support from আপনি guys, i'll lose the drive to continue it so PLEASE leave মতামত of what আপনি thought and প্রদর্শনী your support :) here's the link to the story: link
posted by thedark123
Does anybody have extra parts for the Mizore figure for sale PM
I need a regular hand and the ice add on also this is my collection updated compared to 2012
 JasoAnime Approved
JasoAnime Approved
To Begin this will be added to as I receive আরো questions. This is JasoAnime, your শীর্ষ researcher for Rosario Vampire Capu3 Information :D
If আপনি were referred here, due to a previously asked question, all আপনি must do is read the number that they assigned to you. Say I had a প্রশ্ন on why this ফোরাম began, I would look to #1 and it would answer my question.

To begin:
There has been a little talk on why this ফোরাম exists and why we left the "other forum." Well to give আপনি our side, About a মাস পূর্বে (or longer) nearly the middle of January, the day-to-day information was still being gathered,...
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posted by killed_silence
 A real succubus
A real succubus
This is a lengthy read so please bare it if আপনি are interested in succubus history and facts.
As we all know from Rosario + Vampire, Kurumu is a succubus. A creature who's nature is to charm men into doing her bidding. What I know from some people is that they think that a succubus is a figment of Akihisha Ikeda's imagination however this is untrue. A succubus is actually a mythical creature from the dark ages that has been occasionally encountered throughout history in various places. A succubus is a she-demon that has ascended to the mortal plane (or our world) from the আন্ডারওয়ার্ল্ড (hell,...
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posted by mikeb1082
Hi everyone. I am a huge অনুরাগী of this জীবন্ত and its জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা and have decided to take some action since a capu3 hasn't been announced yet and started making my own capu3. My version of it is going to try to tie the জীবন্ত back into the জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা with as much fluidity as possible. So far, I only have the first episode done which is titled 'A New Evil and a Vampire' and I will be posting a link to it in the description. I hope আপনি guys enjoy it and will support me. If আপনি read it and have any ideas feel free to review it and to send me your ideas. When I am done with 13 'episodes' I plan on sending all of them to the Gonzo Corporation in hopes of it kick-starting their production for a season 3. I will not be asking them to pay me if they use my ideas but to simply give me credit for it publicly and in the credits of the episode.
Everyone needs to understand that জাপান isn't going so well. There is now radioactivity found in Tokyo from the nuclear power plant accident, and must understand that begging and dreaming isn't going to do anything. We all need to stop with the crying and pleading for Capu3 of Rosario+Vampire. It is time we all take action দ্বারা helping Gonzo. Below are a few ways আপনি can help Gonzo and get the message আরো clear.

1. Buy the DVD অথবা Blu-ray of Rosario+Vampire Season 1 and Season 2. If আপনি do that, আপনি are basically giving money to Gonzo to pay the animators of the anime. It isn't cheap to produce...
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আপনি know I used to think something different. Before that I watched only জীবন্ত and thought that´s the best, but then I noticed some মতামত that জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা is good as well. I had to force me to read that... I´ve read that all in one week and finished it today 3.10.2014 Believe me অথবা not....but জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা is much better...of course জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা has আরো place for story and আরো little stories...but আপনি know আপনি can see there the progress in relationships, emotions, battles etc. etc.
জীবন্ত has still place in my হৃদয় but it´s just a cheap small version of ROSARIO+VAMPIRE...A lot of people could say stupid...
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Alot of people thinks yes but some thinks no but think about it first see rosario+vampire is made in like 2004 but they souppose to make capu3 in 2011 but now its 2012 maybe there still making চলচ্ছবি of it and not out yet just wait অথবা donate অথবা SIGN THE PETITION believe that Rosario +vampire capu3 will come out we promise it will come out we beg it to come out! if u guys want to know is there making Rosario +vampire অথবা not ask the company অথবা ask gonzo and আপনি might will know the answer! to make Rosario +vampire capu3 to come true sign the petition অথবা just donate $2 অথবা higher. we trust Rosario +vampire will come alive and true!
To begin this is a compilation of all the information that I have compiled over the past মাস অথবা so, this is EXACTLY what I পোষ্ট হয়েছে in the forum, to তারিখ it has 418 pages. However I am no longer apart of that one.. and now to begin
*Warning this is a long read and is for those true fans*

************ said:
"Has anyone tried to ask gonzo if they are planning to make a 3th season and got a reply অথবা anything? Are they working on other animes at the moment?"

jasoanime said:

A reply takes a very long time based on the amount of stuff they are dealing with for the time being, and yes they are working...
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 See shes happy আপনি should be to.
See shes happy you should be to.
Welcome to the news paper. I hope আপনি enjoy this article. Remember read the whole thing.

Main topics:Facts and when they add up.

Side topics:PICS WE NEED THEM!

People who helped allot this week: Jasoanime, Benevolence, Anthony, and many others.

Facts and when they add up

Well when আপনি put all the facts together it comes out with the simple answer that they are
working on the 3rd season. The bigger thing is whats behind that answer. See if youve been
on the internet for the last 2 months আপনি probably have seen the ads on the sides of youtube
of Rosario+Vampire. Everything adds together Gonzo gets all...
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