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posted by KyuuteeX3
Ryuk is a breath of fresh air. This character has a unique way of thinking and অভিনয় (quite awkwardly I may add) and I প্রণয় it. It's a pity Tsugumi Ohba made him a flat, static, side character. There are definitely some প্রশ্ন I have about Ryuk's character that the series does not answer (Was Ryuk ever a infant? What is his পছন্দ color? How old is he really? Etcetera.), but since he brings a little humor into the series I got over it. Personally, I believe that if Ryuk was not in Death Note it's ranking on my জীবন্ত তালিকা would be significantly lower due to he's my পছন্দ character. To put it without babbling too much, he's interesting.
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