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*Bella's POV*

Weeks have went দ্বারা since Edward almost invaded my mind and uncovered all of my deep, dark secrets. . . But he's never brought it up অথবা discussed it with anyone. Thankfully.
All of the guys went out in the yard one দিন after they all met Flicka and started building a sort of furnished horse stable so Flicka could stay there since I spend most of my time here with the Cullens.
The living room window was open so Flicka could peek her head through and যোগদান the family as we were all sitting in the living room, sitting beside our beloved's.
"Jasper, bring me my fashion magazine please." Alice ordered, taking advantage of the deal we made them make.
"Yes, ma'am." Jasper ব্যক্ত in his southern drawl, swiftly স্নেহ চুম্বন her cheek and rising to go get it.
Alice was positively beaming, smiling hugely as she relaxed on the couch.
Pretty soon, Jasper came back, carrying a magazine with him.
"Here আপনি go, dear." Jasper handed the magazine to her.
"That isn't the right one, I want the latest edition!" Alice ব্যক্ত and Jasper quickly went back to find the right one.
Emmett chuckled and I turned to face Edward on the প্রণয় seat.
"Edward, please go help Jasper," I ordered, touching his face and smiling.
"Yes, ma'am." Edward copied Jasper from before, grinning, and then kissed me on the cheek and got up to help Jasper.
Rosalie shook her head as Alice and I smiled at each other.
"Man, I wish I had a deal like that with Emmett!" Rose said. "Maybe I should wait till Emmett makes me mad. . ." Rosalie contemplated.
Emmett got a scared look in his eyes.
"Jasper! Edward! They're planning something!" he yelled and we all laughed.
After it took Edward and Jasper forever to find the right magazine Alice wanted, everyone was back in the living room.
I began sketching as everyone watched TV and talked. They were watching some kind of জনপ্রিয় baby show, all I was hearing was a bunch of kids screaming.
Rosalie sighed longingly. "I wish I had a child. . ."
"I know." Esme ব্যক্ত in the same longing tone. "And so many people today take them for granted."
Rose nodded in agreement.
I looked back at what I sketched and nearly choked up. Her adorable face was looking at me with her big brown eyes staring into mine and her long dark brown hair came down around her. And she was so small. . . and innocent.
I hid my emotions from Jasper so he wouldn't be alarmed দ্বারা the intense sadness that swept over me just then.
I shut my sketch book and stood up.
"Bella?" Edward asked questioningly, all of them wandering why I was getting up suddenly.
"I just remembered - I have to study for a test," Okay, so it wasn't a very great lie, but I just needed to get out of here before everything came down on me.
No one bought it, but they knew I needed to be alone.
"Okay, just come back soon," Edward murmured, getting up to give me a soft kiss.
I kissed him back and nodded. I waved to everyone and was running out the door.
I wouldn't be able to hold back the flood of memories for long. . . But at least I was in the middle of the woods and out of hearing range of everyone.
Her soft, pure, and childish voice filled my mind. Miss Bella? It echoed, on and on and on. . .
Tragedy struck me as I fell in agony onto the forest floor.
"Celia. . ." I whimpered out as the little girl came into my mind. . . .
It happened less than a century পূর্বে and I was staying in the cold northern regions of the U.S. There was a small river emptying into a grand lake with mist and fog all around where I was staying at in the deep forest. . . it was peaceful, as I gazed out into the misty environment and stood at the very edge of the murky lake.
Then I heard someone crying, and I could smell a faint scent of fresh blood. Curious, and relying on my instincts, I ghost through the heavy fog in খুঁজুন of the source.
And I suddenly come upon a little girl; probably no আরো than six years old judging দ্বারা how small and frail she was. But I was confused, because she looked just like me; not me now of course, but when I had been a child. Long dark brown silken hair curving around her চীনামাটির বাসন face and skin with big brown eyes set in a হৃদয় shaped adorable face. She was like a tiny অ্যাঞ্জেল sitting there, looking up at me with a stunning awe look.
"Hello little girl, are আপনি lost?" I couldn't stop myself from asking. I crouched down to her level, হারিয়ে গেছে in her innocent eyes as she remained still, watching me.
She began shaking her head, still in a daze.
I looked down at the cuts on her arms and I wondered how they got there, but it wasn't my place to question.
"You're hurt. . . I can fix that," I ব্যক্ত as I ripped off a piece of cloth and began wrapping her wounds to prevent them from bleeding more.
"There. . . all done." I smiled at her, trying to make her feel at ease.
She examined her bandaged wounds with surprise in her eyes, and to my utter shock she gave me a big smile that made her eyes light up and made my হৃদয় smile in the warmth it brought it.

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