Chibiusa was walking then saw a tall girl taller then her and herd Her say "Oh! are আপনি okay? আপনি must be হারিয়ে গেছে come to my house that is a camp." "My name is Hotaru." and at The girls' house she set the আগুন and then had a talk with Chibiusa. "What's your name? then i'll Call আপনি small lady Serenity." The girl said. Then Chibiusa ব্যক্ত "Do আপনি প্রণয় me? the আরো people প্রণয় me, the আরো they say i'm cute." "Yes আপনি are royal cuteness." ব্যক্ত Hotaru. as she gave Chibiusa a Medal Award. Chibiusa said: "What does that say?" Hotaru answered:"it says:THE BEST CUTNESS WINNER."