When Serena got প্রথমপাতা from school, she had SO much homework to do."Hey Luna, could আপনি eat my homework while I go play the new sailor V game at the arcade?" Serena asked."Oh Serena, আপনি are always being so irresponsible!" Luna said."Well who else is supposed to eat my homework?Rini?"."Hey! I heard that!" Rini said, rather annoyed as she climbed downstairs." Well আপনি should stop দিবাস্বপ্ন about Darien all the time, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!" Luna ব্যক্ত angrily."NEVEEEER!" Serena ব্যক্ত sooo loudly that it woke চিবি চিবি from her nap." what was that loud noise I heard?" She asked." It was my annoying MOM screaming about her homework!!!" Rini had said.No one had noticed that Serena had already threw her homework in the trash and went upstairs to go to বিছানা while everyone was screaming and arguing. When she had gotten into her room, she saw a dark, shadowy figure in the darkest part of the room." I have been expecting you, Sailor Moon." it had said.