Sandra I met আপনি 3 yrs. পূর্বে at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, and your visit made my century. Your kindness to my friend who is mentally challenged,reaffirmed my reason for liking you(as if I needed another reason)I come from a large family, and whether আপনি believe it অথবা not, that Thanksgiving was the best i've ever had!!!! I'm really sorry that your marriage didn't work out, but with your courage and fortitude, আপনি will not let this get to you. This is Your Chance For A New Day, and Only আপনি Can Make it in Your Very Own New Special way. Congratulations on আপনি son Louie, I know that আপনি will be a terriffic Mom.
I don't know if আপনি remember me, but I will be grateful forever for your generous heart,your sweet and sassy demeanor, and I pray for only good things for আপনি and your son. Keep making those হৃদয় wrenching films, and an occassional Comedy.
Thank আপনি for Being আপনি Cyndi.