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অথবা tried to kill. This is only about the original Scream because I don't care enough for the sequels.

Steve Orth & Casey Becker:
Both killed দ্বারা Stu.

- Stu had আরো personal motive to kill those two. (Casey dumped him for Steve.) The only motive Billy may have had is to throw Sidney mentally off, but for that anyone could do and he could easily let Stu do the dirty part. I'm quite sure it was Stu's idea to pick Casey and Steve as the victims. Aldo, see the look in Casey's eyes when she removes the Ghostface mask to see who's butchering her. It is a look of regocnizing the person and regret/shock....
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This is an elaborated প্রবন্ধ based on my মতামত and posts on couple of অনুরাগী picks and ফোরাম topics here.

"But this is life. This isn't a movie."
"Yes it is, Sid. It's all one great, big movie. আপনি just can't pick your genre."

Billy may not have an outstanding personality as a killer but he certainly has much to give as a whole character. I প্রণয় him to bits!

The shittier boyfriend: The one that fucks you, dumps আপনি and doesn't even nake আপনি famous, অথবা the one that murders your mom, takes your virginity so he could kill you, and makes আপনি famous? That was just inspired দ্বারা a line that made me laugh...
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Outtakes and bloopers featuring the cast of Scream 3. This is so funny!
scream 3
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