I looked right back at the man amused that someone could just meet someone and already look at them with such a cold look. He turned away once he realized that I clearly wasn't scared. So I went up to Rin and we goofed around for a little bit while Jaken and Sesshomaru just sat and watched. She asked me to go into the ফুল feilds with her to pick some ফুলেরডালি so I went and we made floral crowns for everyone.
When we got back I handed Rin the crowns and just stayed back and watched as Rin gave everyone their crowns. I smiled when I saw how patient and kind Sesshomaru was to this girl. I guess he has to get to know a person. I don't know but appearantly I watched for too long because he stood up and walked over with Jaken and asked why I was staring. I simply explained that there was nothing else to do so I was just watching.
At that point Rin pulled in my hand begging me to come play with them so I stood up and walked over to goof around, not even realizing how late it was getting. "Crap" I thought and started to run off to get some ground covered before nightfall, but Rin chased me and told me to stay with them for the night and I can leave in the mornig. I couldn't say no so I accepted, but I didn't sleep with them, just across from them. I woke up early morning and headed out, hoping not to wake anyone. I started off, but then my friend came down and told me that I couldn't come back because I was away too long without completing my mission. All I could do was sit there and weep.
After about a half hour, I finally settled down, but didn't know what to do. But a couple of মিনিট later Rin came and saw me, she asked so many প্রশ্ন and eventually I started crying again telling her what had happened. The last words I could make out were the words, "I can't go back..."