It had been a long trip four months on a ship with no one to talk to except for some chinese merchants, who would never talk to me because I had স্বর্ণ hair!I never understood why people looked at me weirdly.....

My name is Anna, Anna Marie Lott. I have no idea who my parents are I was just left at the doorstep of a couple who was not able to have childeren.They call me a blessing yet even they were always curious about my hair."Your hair,"they would say."is like the golden sun itself."They compared me to the sun because it depended on what the sun was like outside for my hair's color. When it would be a cold crisp winter moring on the lonley রাস্তা of St.Jacques রাস্তা (oops! did i mention i was raised in Paris,France) when the sun was scarlett red my hair would be the same color!It would be the same as the sun when it was pure স্বর্ণ too.

I was on my way to the eastern mountains near Mt. Hakura. My foster parents had told me that i would find a better life their so as soon as i was not yet 17. I boarded the fastest ship to that land.

There i was looking at Mt. Hakura myself!As the ship was nearing to the dock i saw something coming out of the forest behind the station it looked like a giant troll!The men on the ship started panicking! all of a sudden we ran into rock and the ship was sinking. I jumped out as soon as i could .. of course forgetting that i had a very elegant and complicated dress on with white gloves and my foster mother's pearl necklace(they were very wealthy.) . I was sure i would die even if i did make it to কূল the demon would eat me.

As i walked onto কূল the demon lashed out a claw and caught me.i tried squirming out but my dress was caught on his claws. All of a sudden another demon came at the hand that was holding me i fell to the ground which was only two feet away. In an instant i was surrounded দ্বারা a girl and a green imp.
"Look Master Jakken!She has স্বর্ণ hair!"
"Be careful Rin! আপনি have no idea who she is!"
The young girl helped me up.
"Oh no! my dress!" I complained as i stared down at the sopping wet clothes i had on.
"Who are you? human!"the imp yelled at me.
"M-m-m-my name is Anna.."i ব্যক্ত stuttering because i was so cold.
"Hi! my name is rin!"said the small girl.
"Nice to meet you."i timidly whispered.
"And my name is Jakken the protecter of rin and the servant for my lord Suesshomaru!"Jakken yelled.
"uh আপনি dont have to yell and can't Suesshomaru speak for himself does he have a problem generating words??!"I ব্যক্ত too boldly of course.
"M'lord!is referred to as lor-!"Jakken all of a sudden was cut off দ্বারা suesshomaru..
"I have no wish to speak to a human like আপনি that is why i do not speak."He ব্যক্ত to me sharply as he turned toward me .
"Excuse me?!,"that was last straw for me."You have no right to talk to me like that!"i ব্যক্ত walking up to him."i was just in a shipwreck and a nearly eaten দ্বারা a demon!."i yelled at him
he stared at me coldly but had a hint of bewilderment.
"you should have been আরো careful then..."Suesshomaru ব্যক্ত calmly.
"Ugh!"i puffed out and turned around walking into the forest.
"wait that forest is extremly dangerous!"rin yelled but i ignored her.