I loved the relationship between Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson. We know from series one that they were fairly close; Mrs. Hudson hugs Sherlock when she first sees him, and Sherlock isn’t exactly a “huggy” person. He made certain that her abusive husband was killed. She “wasn’t their housekeeper” but she made sure “the boys” were alright. It was pretty obvious from the get-go that they cared for each other.

And this series just took that and exploded it into this wonderful, caring relationship that took Sherlock (I think) to new depths. For the first time, Sherlock looses his cool in a violent way. He didn’t have to throw that guy out the window. He didn’t have to do it repeatedly. But he did. Because that guy hurt Mrs. Hudson. And that’s something that Sherlock just cannot tolerate.

And later, when doctor John announces that Mrs. Hudson needs to leave for her sisters for a few days, Sherlock puts his foot down and says no, that “London would fall to pieces.” And he puts his arm around her and gives her this half-hug. But John smiles and lets it go, because he knows that Mrs. Hudson is নিরাপদ because Sherlock would, quite literally, toss anyone out a window who dares touch her.

Then there’s the relationship between John and Sherlock. No, I don’t think their relationship is romantic, অথবা sexual. But it’s deep and profound. John would do anything for Sherlock, including letting his own romantic happiness go to make sure he’s okay. They can have whole conversations just দ্বারা looking at each other, and John knows that Sherlock cares about Irene just because he didn’t answer her texts. John has risked his life (and vise versa) and killed people for Sherlock. And Sherlock trusts John. It’s John that Sherlock calls for when he wakes up. It’s John that Sherlock sends Mrs. Hudson off with.

Honestly, I would really hate it if Sherlock and John became romantically involved.

Then there’s the relationship between Mycroft and John. Mycroft (or the “ice man” as Moriarty calls him) is just as protective of his baby brother as John is. It’s John that he calls and tells him to keep an eye on Sherlock. It’s John that Mycroft has lie to him, because he knows that Sherlock cannot handle Irene “dying again” and the only person Sherlock will believe is John. The two of them have this unspoken agreement to be বন্ধু because Sherlock.

Basically, this episode did a wonderful job of building and expanding the relationships that were established in the first series.


That Sherlock went to some যেভাবে খুশী country to save Irene, and nobody noticed he left.

Sherlock being randomly naked for no real reason.

Benedict’s facial expressions. They just… I don’t know. They were just awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

Not Sure About:

I have absolutely no idea how I feel about Irene. I don’t dislike her, but I don’t like her. I don’t feel that the end made her anti-feminst, weak, অথবা out of character. I don’t feel it was wrong to have her countless times say she slept with men and women and not be ashamed অথবা anything. I don’t find it irritating that she told John she was gay, when it was heavily implied had some romantic feelings for Sherlock.

That being said, I didn’t particularly care for her either. I don’t hate her. I don’t dislike her. I just… I suppose if 5 was “don’t care” and 1 was “hate” I would be a 4. I care about her just enough to know I don’t like her. And that’s about it.

Over all, I loved the episode. I thought it was a great kick-off for series two and, although it wasn't as action packed as the ending of series one, there weren't any dull moments. I'm really excited for the পরবর্তি episode.