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posted by Ieva0311
Birth Name: Shin Dong Ho (신동호)
Stage Name: Dongho (동호)
Birtdate: June 29, 1994
Position: Maknae, Face of The Group, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Blood Type: B
Height: 178 cm (70.1″ অথবা 5.84 ft.)
Weight: 60 kg. (132 lbs.)


Dongho is able to speak Mandarin from years of studying in Beijing, China.
He is the most active member of the group, whether it be a solo career সরানো অথবা a career সরানো as a member of U-KISS. [Meaning he has been on many variety shows, casted for films and dramas, and dubbed animations.]
Dongho admitted during an interview that he had run away from প্রথমপাতা while during his childhood....
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