2."Ogre Hunters/Fairytale Deathcamp"
3."Donkey Meets Shrek"     
4."Eating Alone"     
5."Uninvited Guests"     
6."March of Farquaad"     
7."The Perfect King"     
8."Welcome to Duloc"     
9."Tournament Speech"     
10."What Kind of Quest"     
11."Dragon!/Fiona Awakens"     
12."One of a Kind Knight"     
13."Saving Donkey's Ass"     
14."Escape from the Dragon"     
15."Helmet Hair"     
16."Delivery Boy Shrek/Making Camp"     
17."Friends Journey to Duloc"     
18."Starry Night"     
19."Singing Princess"     
20"Better Out Than In/Sunflower/I'll Tell Him"     
21."Merry Men"     
22."Fiona Kicks Ass"     
23."Fiona's Secret"     
24."Why Wait to Be Wed/You Thought Wrong"     
25."Ride the Dragon"     
26."I Object"     
27."Transformation/The End"     

Shrek 2

1."Prince Charming"     
2."Leaving Home"     
3."Far Far Away"     
4."Family Dinner"     
5."Fiona’s Room"     
6."We Need to Talk"     
7."The Poison Apple"     
8."The Factory"     
9."By The Ol’ Oak"     
10."Annoying Talking Animal"     
11."The Potion Room"     
12."Deep Fried"     
13."Not Meant to Be"     
14."The Ball"     
15."The Prince of Her Dreams"     
16."Tonight On “Knights”"     
17."Magic Tea"     
18."The Mission"     
19."Muffin Man"     
20."Get the Wand"     
21."All Is Revealed"     

Shrek the Third

1."The Royal Treatment"     
2."Fatherly Dreams"     
3."The Frog King Dies"
4."Another Adventure"     
5."Little Ogre Feet"     
7."Charmed & Dangerous"
8."Artie's Sob Story"     
9."A Warm & Fuzzy Navel"
10."The Campfire"     
11."The Hook Attack"     
13."The Trip Home"     
14."Princess Resistance"
15."The Dressing Room"
16."The প্রদর্শনী Begins"     
17."King Arthur"     
18."(Almost) Alone at Last"

Shrek Forever After

1."Once (More) Upon a Time"
3."Same Day, Every Day"
4."Shrek Signs the Deal"
5."Rumpel's Kingdom"     
6."The Exit Clause"     
7."Ogre Resistance"     
8.""Din Din!""     
9."Rumpel's Announcement"
10."Planning the Attack"
11."Fiona Doesn't প্রণয় Me"
12."Deal of a Lifetime"
13."The Main Event"     
14."Rumpel's Defeat"     
15."His দিন Is Up"     
16."Never Been Better"