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posted by SilentForce
It was a quiet morning and Elisabeth had already started her training with Serafina.
Their training was taking place in the Numcecidum area,in a part of the area that was away from the part in which the সেকেন্ড generation had been training yesterday.The part of the area that they were training in was a field near the mountains with many rocks in it.

''Alright'' Serafina was enthusiastic ''Lets start with our training''

'''There's just one problem'' nervously replied Elisabeth

''What is it?Don't tell me that you're afraid of fire'' ব্যক্ত a confused Serafina

''No,its not that.In fact I have never been...
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posted by SilentForce
The sun has just risen and the আগুন warrior Serafina already arrived at Duke Ferdinand's দুর্গ in order to meet with Elisabeth who she was ordered to train.

Serafina was a tall woman with a rather muscular built,with red hair,pale skin and green eyes.
Serafina knocked at the door which got opened দ্বারা a maid who welcomed her and told her to wait a bit until she informed Duke Ferdinand about her arrival.In the meantime another servant went to take her luggage in order to bring it to her room.

So the maid knocked on the door of Ferdinand's cabinet in order to inform him.

''What is it that you're disturbing...
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posted by SilentForce
On that fateful দিন Elisabeth accepted her role as the leader of the warriors of the সেকেন্ড generation and so with the guidance of Ambrosia she departed for Ethera.

Meanwhile Daniel had arrived at Forchalyb the capital city of South Arkadelia and was making his way to Duke Damian's দুর্গ in order to deliver a message to him.

On his way he heard the news about Count Cladius' murder and the fact that that the leader of the সেকেন্ড generation had been chosen.
''Have আপনি heard?'' a woman told her another woman''Count Claudius was murdered দ্বারা a young woman and she turned out to be the leader of the...
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posted by SilentForce
Once a great Empire,after various wars Arkadelia remained as just one Kingdom and after a civil war between the 2 princes it got separated into two parts:North Arkadelia and South Arkadelia who are still in conflict with each other.
Our story begins in a town called Arfacio which is located in South Arkadelia.Arfacio was a small but beautiful town surrounded দ্বারা nature.
In this town lives Elisabeth a beautiful young woman with a auburn hair,fair skin,brown eyes and a tall and voluptuous body.Despite her beauty Elisabeth was not vain but she was a demure and kind person which is why the town's...
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Hello ladies and gentlemen,Silent Borse is in the house and today I present to আপনি a crackfic that was based on a humorous conversation that I had with Karoii-chan about how the স্বর্ণ Saints should have formed a Glam Metal band
The following crackfic is ultra weird so if আপনি don't have tolerance for bizarre shit (which is highly unlikely because otherwise আপনি wouldn't be a অনুরাগী of me in the first place) than please just leave already.No seriously,what the hell are আপনি doing in my club to begin with?You boring boring person.

It was a quiet দিন in Sanctuary and Athena had called the Gold...
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Today I will be counting down my শীর্ষ 15 favorite"Saint Seiya"characters.

I will be only including character from the original"Saint Seiya"manga and the sequel manga"Saint Seiya: পরবর্তি Dimension".
I will also try to avoid major spoilers as much as possible(however they still will be some).


The "sister" of Hades and the commander of Hades' army of Specters.
I personally like her personality very much,she is calm,calculated,strict and quite brave(despite not being a fighter)as well.I also sympathize with her because of her tragic background story and I like the fact that she becomes...
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posted by SilentForce
Hair color: Brown
Eye color:Hazel
Height:1.75 m
Zodiac sign:Libra
Religion:Islam.However I have absolutely nothing against people with different religious beliefs from mine,as long as আপনি respect my religion than I will respect yours.
Languages that I speak:Albanian,German and English
Favorite color:Purple
Favorite flower:Roses
Favorite animal:Horses
Hobbies:listening to music,singing,dancing and watching animes
Things that I like to collect:Dolls
Favorite genres of music:symphonic metal,rock,classical সঙ্গীত and জীবন্ত soundtracks
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