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 super silver
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i drew him in his super form
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দ্বারা the way, i am sarahsonic1056 but i am the new file cause someone hacked to that account so i am going to keep the story up.

anyways, a few days later after the fight, every night, honey has had weird dreams and nightmares. actually, she had no dreams. silver got worried cause 1, the no dreams thing and 2, honeys eyes were black with light blue puiples.
tails aslo ran a scan on her and found somethng.

tails: guys!!! i just found out that honey is being...mind controlled দ্বারা some one.

silver: who is it tails.

tails: not sure, but it is someone evil. so its either eggman অথবা mephiles.

everyone thought...
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I dunno wut hes গান গাওয়া but this was an instant পছন্দ of mine
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There was once a planet known as Alida there lived the dragons,fairy foxes,and warriors of all speices but one standed above the rest she was known as Crystal the keeper the champion of all half-bloods.Her parents Zero the hedgehog and Sorlina the cat were the first royal blue-bloods but they died because they were murdered right after Crystal was born দ্বারা the former blue-blood Tentalose, she had two siblings:Blaze the cat,and Thorn the hedgehog.Crystal was not-well lets just say she doesn't look before she leaps okay?but she was always দিবাস্বপ্ন about having a adventure of her...
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